…’cause my ass has gone missing.

I’ve never had a Kardashian booty, but for my size, it was rather nice… shapely… plump, if you will. Lately, it looks deflated. It’s not saggy, not quite SpongeBob SquarePants, but definitely, undeniably flat. While preggers I thought it looked a little smaller than usual relative to my bulging belly, but assumed things would even out in the wash. Sadly, post belly, my pants are sagging back there, like extra material flapping around when I walk. You’ve seen the type… not a good look. Very unfortunate. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday, hubby said something about it too! All I could do was laugh. He was like, ‘you betta eat boo!’

I knew I’d experience the blues, that my hair would shed, and that my boobs would swell, deflate, swell, and eventually deflate for good. But dang, my butt! Gia took my butt!

Anyway, this post has no purpose. Yet another observation post baby. And no, I don’t plan to buy a pair of Booty Pop draws, but you might see me doing walking squats down the aisles of ULTA or Tarjay.

Oh curvy, womanly figure! I hardly knew ye!

Later Gators,

What body changes did you encounter post-partum?

How do you feel about your body today?

Gia at Red Lobster. Cheddar biscuits! She threw things, mouthed things, squealed with delight, and smiled at strangers. I snapped a million pictures, with a flash, in the dimly lit room. Hubby was embarrassed.