Do you ever miss the ‘hair did’ atmosphere of the salon?
by KurlyBella of K is for Kinky

I used to loathe and love getting my hair “did” when I was relaxed as I kept my once to twice monthly appointments – a relaxer on the first visit and a wash and set on the second. As a natural, I step foot into a salon only once a year to get my highlights redone and that step will be skipped this year all together.

Walking into a hair salon was an interesting experience. Pulling into an overly stuffed parking lot in futile anticipation of being in and out “in a decent time.” opening the salon door and walking into a room overflowing with peering eyes full of a mixture of both curiosity and judgment that covers you from your head to the bottom of your favorite shoes. Slinking slowing into chairs that go from stuffed and comfortable to hard as steel while waiting for the appointment that was due more than an hour ago. Out bursts of group laughter, “girllll, no she didn’t”‘s and “say what now?!”‘s coupled with the familiar smell of hair sheen spray and neutralizing shampoo that seeps through the fog of sporadic steam that fills the air from the super-wattage, neck-burning hair dyers, steamers and marcel “top of your ear frying” irons, reminds you that this is going to be long day.

I have to admit, the hair salon, less the scalp burns and ear burns, can be a nostalgic place. My experiences were varied – I’ve been to awful salons, braid salons, gossip filled salons, and really good salons. They all encompass my salon experience and I liked being waited on and catered to, people watching, laughing and the community socialization that I got to experience. I kinda miss it.

What say you? I know there are many naturals that go to the salon on the regular but if you are a diy girl, do you ever miss the “hair did” atmosphere of the salon? Do you have memorable salon experiences that you care to share?