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Curly Nikki

Fierce Twist-Out Predictability

By January 27th, 202115 Comments

Fierce Twist-Out Predictability

While browsing the forum, I came across Carmella_G’s thread about the moment you know your twist-out is going to be fierce. The night before I release my twists, I always take a sneak peak by unraveling one of the twists in the back. My major concern is that the hair will remain clumpy, even after a little fluffing. We all know that natural hair styling can be unpredictable (even with the same products and routine), but how can you tell… what signals that you’re in store for an amazing hair day?


  • Tamika says:

    Wet braidouts or twistouts on my fine 3c/4a hair are a hot mess! For predictability, I do flat twists on wet hair or normal medium-sized twists on damp hair. The flat twists give me a crisp, wavy set every time!

  • Carmella_g says:

    OMG, I just flipped out in my living room about this post. lol xD I always know mine is going to be great right when I'm done. When the twists are juicy and shiny.

  • blinky kinks says:

    I use the Kimmaytube leave in conditioner and it really works a treat!

  • Anonymous says:

    My best twist/braid outs are on clean slighlyt damp hair. I make sure I've detangled each section and apply a leave in (paul mitchel "the conditioner," shea moisture hair milk, or a domincan one I discovered called Universa Bomba) and then I apply a dab of semi melted shea butter and then lay a little eco styler over each section and then twist. Great hold from the gel but the shea moisture acts as a barrier so my hair doesn't dry out and is SUUUPER shiny!

  • Hannah Smith says:

    For me its how the hair looks before I unravel it. Sometimes, i get lazy, and my hair suffers from it. But when my hair is shiny, and feels like cushiony satin when in twists, then its gonna be a good twist out.

    That requires me to use eco styler gel and (don't kill me) coconut oil hair conditioner by blue magic. Best twist out ever.

  • Natural-E says:

    If they all hold and don't unravel then I know my twistout will be fierce!

    Evelyn of

  • Anonymous says:

    Doing a twist out on hair that has been made slightly damp with an aloe spritz works wonders. Medium sized twists (adding up to approx 10-12)) with medium twist tension works well. A little oil on the the very ends then covering head with a silk cap for overnight.

  • LMarie says:

    I've realized that I have the best twist outs when I let my hair completely dry. I have super thick, shoulder length (when stretched) 4A hair. I've been natural for over a year and realize that I need to let my twist dry for 24 hours which means washing on days I don't plan to leave the house the next day. I'm in love with Afroveda Curl Define but if I don't let my hair fully dry, I'm in for a frizz monster.

  • Anonymous says:

    Putting my hair in smaller twists gives me a beautiful definition. But it will only last one day. I have to keep retwisting nightly to maintain the look. Is it something I can use to prevent retwisting everynight.

  • Pamela says:

    I have 4b/c hair and have just recently discovered that my twistouts look their best when I do medium flat twists n curls on dry, stretched hair. Wet sets always end up looking like a curly fro…which is fine if that's the look I'm going for, but if I want it to look like a twistout I have to do it on dry, stretched hair.

  • Na says:

    I used Shea Moisture Deep treatment masque for a braid/twist out. I will never use anything else again! Cheap product, good ingredients, my predictions for my hair sets are always on point with this stuff. Yes its a leave in conditioner/deep treatment. I LEAVE IT IN, and my hair has never been better. Even my bf uses it regularly, matter of fact, he is letting his hair grow out because of it!

  • karla4805 says:

    Hey Anonymous 11:38,

    I have a head full of 3c curls too and I have the same problem with wet sets. I found that putting my hair in big twists in sections until it is almost dry and then twisting in smaller twists works for me. Twisting my hair when it is soaking wet never works for me. I'll have to try rollersets to see if that works for me as well.

  • Anonymous says:

    OMG i just did an awesome TWIST AND CURL!!! i have been trying to get this right FOREVER I finally GOT IT RIGHT! 🙂 I knew this was going to be a good hair day because my hair felt SOFT! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Wet setting my hair never gives me good results. Instead, my hair looks sort of "puffy droopy wet doggish" LOL. I'm 2 years natural with a head full of 3c hair and I'm still trying to figure out what works for me.
    My last twist and curl was absolutely horrible, lol. My rollersets are the bizness as well as my high and low puffs.
    I need major guidance on twist outs though.

    And btw, Nikki… Yours are always FAB!

  • Anonymous says:

    My 4c coils are approximately 5 inches long.

    Still experimenting (PJ-ism) with KeraCare Naturals, and so farm I'm loving the shampoo, the butter and the leave-in. You can request samples through the KeraCare website.

    If I see twist definition down to the roots, I know it won't puff (frizz) and shrink down by close of business.

    Not Dry = puff/frizz = shrinkage

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