Hola Chicas,

OMGosh. Best meetup ever. The Florida naturals showed up and showed out! When I arrived at the fabulous Blue Martini, there was a line wrapped around the building… the 350 Mizani goody bags were gone in an hour. Epic. Nearly 500 gorgeous, curly women stepped out for a night of cocktails and curl talk… and boy were there cocktails. I’m out of practice and apparently went too hard. Notice the title of the post? What happens in Orlando, stays in Orlando. But I will leave you with this:

1. 12am-8am… No memory of these 8 hours whatsoever.
2. I may have been wheeled into the hotel room on a luggage cart 😉
3. I missed my flight this morning.

So yeah… crazy good times! Thanks to the lovely Florida curlies, Mizani, and NaturallyCurly for making the event a success! I’m definitely coming back next year!

Oh and @ Dajewel, LuvMeLuvMyFro, and The Glassdolls… I see you! Thanks for the good times!

Check out the view:

prepping the hurr

The line

Mizani Models and Michelle Breyer of NaturallyCurly!

the fam!

you can’t see the shoes, but they were sparkly! I felt like Cee Lo Green!

The Glass Dolls recap… these girls are hilarious! Check out their other vids too!
for more pics, head over to the CN Facebook!