Hola Chicas!

I’ve been experimenting with oils LOTS over the past few months. I’ve purchased pre-mixed combinations (SheaMoisture, Burts Bees, Treasured Locks, etc.) as well as teeny bottles of jojoba, castor, and sweet almond oil. I’ve used them together, alone, as pre-poos, for *warm* oil treatments, as a leave-in on wet hair, and on my dry ends and length… all with great success. For the most part, an oil, is an oil, is an oil. But for me and my finicky hair, a couple were truly a cut above the rest. In my trials, I’ve found that my hair really responds well to castor and argan oils.

Argan oil has been all the rage as of late, and I must say… I get it. The argan oil mixes leave my hair, even the rough old ends, (uncharacteristically silky) smooth, soft and strong. It cuts my frizz tremendously and provides intense shine. I never get the ‘crunch factor’ like I do with coconut oil, and it seems to help keep my hair stretched, while oils like jojoba curl it back up. I also feel that it combats humidity. For the first time this summer, at the Raleigh event, I skipped using an argan containing oil mix and my hair shrunk to my ears! True story. It also brings me breakfast in bed, walks the dog, and does my taxes. For more info on the benefits of argan oil, click here, and here.

The mixes that contain the emollient castor oil have the best consistency in my opinion. They’re easier to apply and act like a frizz serum. After continued use, I’m left with thicker looking, soft, shiny dark hair. My twists actually feel and look plumper… and y’all know that big hair is my life’s mission. I’m LOVING this oil! It’s a bit too thick to be used alone, but cut with another oil, it can do some amazing things! For more info on castor oil, click here. A side note– lots of women use castor oil to thicken sparse eyebrows and lashes. Food for thought.

Unfortunately, most of the pre-mixes only contained one or the other (save for Treasured Locks brand), so I decided to head to Whole Check to pick up a bottle of argan oil to create my perfect concoction. After a quick and unsuccessful search, I asked for assistance. When the clerk finally found it, he looked at the price ($28 dollars for 4 oz), and his eyes glazed over. He looked at me, looked back at the bottle, and turned to me once more with the most puzzled expression and asked, ‘what does it do?’ I laughed but saw that he was serious, so we discussed the health, hair, and skin benefits for like 5 minutes. Yes, Argan oil is expensive as hell because of difficult production, but I honestly feel (for now anyway) that it’s worth the splurge. Plus, cutting it with other oils will help it stretch!

Interjection… 7 items in my basket… 145 dollars. What the what? Anyway, I got home and carefully and methodically combined the agran and castor oil in an empty plastic bottle. haha, there were no formal measurements… y’all know I’m not a mixtress. I think it was like 1:1. I’m absolutely loving the consistency and my hair is ridiculously soft. It’s nice to know that I’ll now be reaping the benefits of these two oils unadulterated… un-cut by filler oils.

I’m all oiled down, in my bonnet and headed to bed. And guess what? I’m still in Raleigh. But that’s a story for another day.

Later Gators,

Have you tried Argan Oil? Castor Oil?
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