Angela of WiseCurls writes:

*raises church finger*

Excuse me team natural. I have a question. It’s real out ‘chea on these natural streets, so all I ask is that you just hear me out. Cool? Cool.

As a community, have we become uber obsessed with long hair? So obsessed that long hair is all that is sought after for inspiration or the usual episode of hair envy? My inquiry stems from being inundated with photos of natural hair that is, of course, long(er) on the worldwide web. So, I was just curious and wanted to throw the question out there:

Are we more focused on being black women with long hair or are we simply focused on being women with natural, healthy hair that just may happen to grow long?

CN Says:

Imma keep it 100 (really? I hate that saying, thanks Ray J) and reveal that yes, sadly, I am length obsessed, always have been. Blame it on society. I grew up thinking that long hair was beautiful… an ideal that was pushed by both the men and women in my family. Cutting my hair, save for trims, was totally out of the question (like getting a relaxer) until I was grown enough to make my own decisions. I can say that while my folks appreciated length, health was also very important. Long, healthy hair = beauty.

Ten years later, I’d like to think that I’ve grown a little… when I embraced my natural texture 8 years ago, I had to learn to forgo length… even though it was still there, it was lost to the shrinkage. However, early in my journey, I’d often find myself telling or showing folks how long it ‘actually’ was… even when they didn’t solicit for that information. Nuts. Today, when asked my length, I no longer have to say, ‘*this* long curly, but *THIS* long straight’. I haven’t straightened since 2007, so why does it matter how long it is when straightened?!
I can say that many of my older family members still tell me things like, ‘don’t you want to press it, I bet it’s all down your back!’

My new obsession, volume. Sadly, it’s not something I can help much, but yes, I covet girls with big hair. Growing up, the flatter and finer my hair appeared, the better. Now, all of my hair idols have BIG hair, they all don’t have long hair, but it’s most certainly HUGE. Volume is one of the reasons why I forgo length. Earlier this year, albeit after a minor setback from the Tangle Teaser, I chopped 2 or so inches and didn’t bat an eye. My hair’s volume is maximized when it sits between my chin and shoulders and I do my best to keep it there with bi-monthly trims. And although I go back and forth, I think I’ll keep it this length for a while.

After all that, I don’t think I answered the question… typical, right? Yes, I’m still kinda length obsessed, but I’m more volume obsessed… and I’ve always been concerned about the health aspect. I’m an anal person and I hate raggedy ends.