I work hard and play hard(er). Lately though, it’s been much more of the former and in an attempt to save my last damn nerve, Hubby and I decided to head for Greece to reboot. But seeing as how I have a difficult time putting down my computer and he’s preparing for next semester, it doesn’t really count as a ‘real’ vacation. Instead, we thought we’d switch up the pace and change the scenery… work a little, play a lot, and enjoy each other’s company… without Gia. *GASP* I know, right?! But don’t fret, she’s safe and partying it up in STL with Momma (I cried like a baby), who didn’t hesitate to remind us that all that ‘reconnecting’ is how we ended up with Boogie #1.

Today, accompanied by our host, translator, unofficial tour guide and new friend, Ioannis, we took a world wind tour. Met up at 11am and spent much of the next 6 hours sight seeing… on foot.

Today, among many, many other things, I-

1. Messed with one of those ‘stand still’ guards you’re not supposed to mess with.
2. Saw the museum that my cousin, master architect and #successfulblackman Chris Lee helped design.
3. Climbed and conquered
Lycabettus Hill— 912 feet of madness… steep as hell but totally worth losing that lung for the view.

4. Picked olives, oranges, and smelled wild Rosemary in the Presidential Garden.
5. Picked lemons from the front yard of our condo for a recipe…

other views of our condo…

6. Tried Ouzu and nearly lost my damn liver. Think black jelly beans + the kick of corn liquor… Got damn. Never again.

The views-

Our fab host and new friend, Ioannis… dispelling myths, translating ish and generally providing an amazing service!