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Does Roux Porosity Control work?

By January 27th, 202113 Comments

Does Roux Porosity Control work?
Hair Liberty’s Nicole Harmon, our Resident Curl Chemist, is answering your most urgent hair questions. Got one for her? Email me at using “Hair Liberty” in the subject line and she may answer your question right here on the blog.

Q: Does Roux Porosity Control work?

A: Yes, Roux 233 Porosity Control Corrector Conditioner is a great product for porous hair. It contains emollients and hydrolyzed protein which are two types of ingredients that temporarily patch up cuticle damage. The key word is temporary. There is no product, even one that says “Corrector” that can turn the raised cuticles of kinky hair into the compact cuticles of naturally straight hair. If you used Roux Porosity Control Corrector Conditioner for 3 months with amazing results you would still have porous hair, but the porosity wouldn’t be as troublesome. When your hair’s porosity is under control, it can stay moisturized between washes and handle low to moderate manipulation with minimal breakage. If you stop giving your hair ingredients like the ones in Roux 233 breakage and dryness will come right back.

The best any product can offer is that it will fill in and protect damaged areas from breakage for a few washes at a time. Most treatments only last 1 or 2 washes, but there are salon conditioning treatments that last longer. You can keep your hair’s porosity under control by faithfully using products that keep it moisturized, strong, and looking good. Roux 233 Repairing Shampoo is gentle, conditioning, and pH balanced so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use the whole system. The gentler your shampoo, the longer you can experience the benefits of repairing treatments like Roux Porosity Control before needing to re-apply.

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  • Anonymous says:

    This shampoo and conditioner has turned my hair around. I was havin horrible issues with retainig moisture. All i knew was, there was no chemical damage because i kept my hair shaved after my big chop for six months, and now that i am three weeks in i dont have enough hair to press so no heat damage. I think it was just thenature of my 4c hair. None the less i have used tis product three times and i am in love!

  • Audrajt03 says:

    I just purchased the condish & leave in treatments today! This article was right on time!

  • Anonymous says:

    I just love this….having a place to come and learn from others about our magnificent and beautiful natural hair, I am over 50 and have struggled for so long….and btw I have seriously porous hair and have gone through thousands of dollars trying this,trying that…
    aaaahh, <<<(exhaling) I thank God for the 'new day' in the neighborhood. And God bless you Nikki 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    this product is for hair with HIGH porousity. which means you need help closing your hair cuticle. For people like me who have LOW porousity–my hair cuticle stays closed which means i have to find products that open my cuticle or penetrate the hair shaft. A high ph shampoo works with a penetrating contioner. or you can just try a penetrating contioner.

    For conditioners:

    Look for products that contain cetyl or stearyl alcohol, panthenol and methicones, silicone or dimethicone, or essential oils and botanicals such as avocado, jojoba oil, or shea butter.

    Common fatty alcohols such as cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, panthenol and methicones, silicone or dimethicone, or essential oils and botanicals such as avocado, jojoba oil, or shea butter.

    a humeculates such as propylene glycol, sodium lactate, sodium PCA, hydantoin, glycerin, polyquarternium, glyceryl stearate, centrimonium chloride, and other natural waxes and oils.

    *done a lot of research on this cause my hair stays dry and everything sits on top of my hair which is useless unless it contains these products.

    A good, cheap conditoner I just tried was Tressemee Moisture Surge for 4.50 at walgreens for a huge bottle. Also Oyin conditioner contain these products as well but i have never used it.

    Hopes this helps all you LOW poo curlies.

    Nic H

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe I am in the minority, but I used this product when I was transitioning and not quite ready at the time to completely chop away my relaxed ends. When I used it, it seemed like it made my hair more dryer than what it already was, which was one of the leading reasons why I said to hell with this and did the BC late last summer. It didn't seem to make my hair any less porous and it didn't seem like my hair was holding ANY moisture at that point. However, since I've BC my hair now can hold moisture to an extent. I wonder if I will ever go back to that product to see if it will work on completely natural hair. Who knows. But I'm just sharing my experience.

  • Anonymous says:

    I've used this and saw no difference in the porosity of my hair. I would mix it with my deep conditioner mix then rinse it out. I was wondering if I was using it wrong? What would be the best way to use it? as a stand alone conditioner? as a final rinse? etc.

  • Anonymous says:

    I used this when my hair was relaxed and it was fantastic. I'm now transitioning, but for the last year have not been able to find the conditioner in any of my local stores (in London, UK), but as my hair is extremely coarse and dry I've moved on to Philip Kingsley Extreme Moisture range

  • Nicole - Hair Liberty says:

    Thanks everyone!

    @Naturally_Urs – Yes, this or Roux 233 Mendex, they're very similar.

    @Blane – 3c, 4a, 4b, and 4c hair types are porous, which means all kinky hair is porous. All of the information at is to help you and others with those hair types.

  • Blane says:

    I've read a ton of information on porosity and I'm still not sure if my hair is or not and how to manage it.

  • Cassy C. says:

    So would this product be recommended for those who are longterm transitioning?

  • Anonymous says:

    I love this conditioner for my hair and my mom who has relaxed hair loves it as well

  • Anonymous says:

    porous straight hair = damaged hair.
    porous kinky hair = normal hair.
    i'm glad you pointed that out. we need to realize that most beauty articles are written with straight hair in mind so we need to take that advice with a grain of salt. what's best for straight hair is not what's best for kinky hair. porous, virgin kinky hair doesn't need products meant for straight, damaged hair.

  • PrincessLinzz says:

    OMG THIS ARTICLE IS RIGHT ON TIME! I use it general and used it last night and said I wonder if this crap is REALLY doing anything! Giving it the side eye. Thanks for posting!!

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