If nothing else, I know who Imma be for Halloween!

Greece. Day 7.

A note about my ‘travel hair’.

I was going away for a month. Two weeks in St. Louis for Jesus’ birthday and a much needed two week work-cation in Greece. It is during these times that packing becomes quite the art form.

I did my hair before my flight to St. Louis and planned to re-do the night before Christmas, prior to my flight to Greece.

For St. Louis, I packed-
Lacio Lacio

Blow Dryer


Flexi rods

Bobby Pins

Goody Ouchless Bands and Headbands
Hair Scarves

On wash day, just before Christmas, I gently finger detangled my dry hair, deep conditioned with Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner (all I had on hand ’cause my dad uses it… I forgot how much I loved that conditioner… very slippery) and cleansed thoroughly with some cheap, sulfate laden shampoo from my dad’s bathroom closet. I instant conditioned with Elucence, rinsed and followed up with a healthy dose of Lacio Lacio and created 8 large twists. After thirty minutes or so, once my hair was no longer sopping wet, I applied a little Dax and stretched each section on medium heat with a blow dryer, using the tension method. I re-created the 8 twists, flexi-rodded the ends and went to sleep. I chose to tension dry my hair because, (1) I didn’t have time to roller set, (2) my stretched hair is easily styled without re-wetting, and (3) it’d last me for a good two weeks and stay moisturized, especially if I deep treated prior. I had no intentions of re-styling in Greece.

For Greece, I packed-
Bobby Pins
Goody Ouchless Bands and Headbands

Hair Scarves

Jane Carter Nourish and Shine

Dax Greece (haha)

On the 13 hour flight and the following day or two, I rocked a retro french twist.

Every pic you’ve seen since, including the one at the top, in which I’m channeling Carmen Sandiego, has been the result of 4-8 two strand twists created with Jane Carter Nourish and Shine. That’s a throwback, right?! I had given my mother a jar a while ago and she never used it, so I brought it along ’cause I knew it’d work double duty as a fragrant and effective body oil. I can’t vouch for it on wet hair, but it makes my dry hair shine, defined and keeps it nourished and pliable. It’s thick, similar to the texture of Shea Butter but goes on very smooth. I’ve used it solely with a little Dax on the ends and may re-introduce it into my rotation.

So there you have it. My quick and dirty, no muss, no fuss hair routine… it’s perfect because my curly qs have been the least of my worries!

Case in point-

I rocked a Twist-Out on New Years Eve, partied my face off, slept much of yesterday with my hair shoved into a stain bonnet, found my face, and rocked a bun today. Can I just say, they shut ish down here on the 1st. The stores were closed for 2 damn days! We had to resort to a meal of stale bread, sausage, eggs with no butter, salt or pepper, champagne and water. But hubby hooked it up!

bunnin’… that’s The Acropolis in the top right corner!

In other news, I’ve Skyped with Boogie every night since we’ve been in Greece. And each time, as soon as we disconnect, I cry like Drake listening to a Babyface album… alone… on Valentines day. But I digress.

the fam filling us in and Boog looking uninterested and a lil resentful… like, ‘where the hell is y’all at?… why the hell didn’t y’all take me… when the hell are y’all coming back?’

Pony tails! What?!

When did Boogie become a KID?!

Do you use Jane Carter Nourish and Shine? If so, how?

What happened to my baby?