…had no choice but to wash and resurrect the curls! Still silky and luxurious, my almost disrespectfully fine hair wasn’t even thinking about reverting, making this wash, totally premature and unnecessary. I was jonesing for the volume… the texture… the swagnificence!

After a week of perusing the web about ways to naturally thicken fine hair, I came right back around to vitamins, water and henna (as well as the conclusion that ‘maybe she’s born with it’, is more than just Maybelline’s motto). I’m drinking half of my body weight in ounces in water, taking my vitamins erry day and two nights ago, whipped up 100 grams of henna (with tepid green tea) and let it sit overnight. The next morning, I mixed in a cup or so of Generic Matrix Biolage Balm (Sally’s Beauty), an egg just ’cause, and some honey. I applied the mix to my dry, straightened hair and let it percolate for 4 hours and then rinsed. I forgot how absolutely divine henna glosses are… easy to apply, even easier to rinse… why in the hell would I ever subject myself to a full strength henna treatment again?! But I digress… I rinsed with Aussie Moist, applied Davines Masque mixed with a little organic oat flour (allegedly enhances volume and fortifies fine strands) and rocked the heat cap for about 30 minutes. I rinsed that, air dried for 15-30 minutes, spritzed with Davines Shelter Leave-in and tension blow dried on moderate heat. I’ve enjoyed blow outs this winter… keeps re-styling down to once or twice a month.

Curls back popping…

Stretch, stretch, stretch! If hubby wasn’t snapping pics, I must confess, I would’ve still been naked… and this is why I don’t do Youtube.
Results… my hair felt like silk. I’m impressed with that ‘shelter’. Why the name?
added a teeny bit of Davines’ cone laden Beautifying Potion

Next, I twisted with some gifted Oyin Handmade Sugar Berries put on my satin cap and went to sleep. The next morning, my ends had come unraveled and the waves weren’t really set. I re-twisted and set the ends on flexi rods… only for Moxie’s Hair Bling to be delivered about 10 minutes later. Damn damn damn! I really wanted to try it first… Boogie… where you at?!

I must say, I’m not one hundred percent happy with the set… the waves aren’t as deeply set as they would’ve been with Dax, but my hair is fluffy, moisturized and doesn’t feel weighed down or product-y at all… there’s like, zero greasiness, so there’s that. Oyin’s Sugar Berries Pomade is most certainly worth a try and it could become a mainstay in my routine, I just wish it had more hold.

looking for way more definition…

Meanwhile, Boogie was doing her own hair. Had I put that headband on her, she would’ve pulled it off… directly. She put it on herself and left it in for the rest of the night. Grown.

Next up, Moxie’s Hair Bling. I’ll post thoughts and pics soon!