I almost lost my last nerve yesterday y’all. I left my house at 5am for a 7am flight and two layovers and 15 hours later, I touched down in Los Angeles. In Phoenix, I boarded an aircraft, broke down Gia’s stroller, shoved my ish into the cramped overhead compartment, sat on the tarmac for 30 minutes, wrestled with Gia, de-boarded, waited an hour in the airport and then finally re-boarded a different plane. To compound the situation, we encountered a headwind, or a tailwind, that rocked my soul. I’ve never in all my years experienced such disrespectful turbulence. The flight attendant fell into the empty seat behind me and get this, was hollering! Every time the plane dramatically dipped or shook, she would scream and grab her chest… looking to her for reassurance, her words, ‘I’ve been in worse’ didn’t feel… genuine. Clutching the headrest of the seat in front of me as my stomach was repeatedly forced up into my throat (that’s what she said), I remember looking out over the mountain range below, looking at Gia, who was laughing hysterically by the way, and looking into the faces of other anxious passengers. It was unsettling to feel so powerless and to realize that no one… not that scary a$$ flight attendant, not the pilot, not the dude in front of me with his witty commentary… no one, no one could save us but God. I made peace with that and my nervous laughter ceased and I smiled. Five minutes later, the rough air passed and the attendant gave me a complimentary cup o’ wine (I must have looked stress) and life went on. Once I landed, I found out that hubby, who was to be on the flight after mine, was delayed… until today, this evening actually. So yeah, it was one of them days.

We made this cross country trek for him to attend a meeting tomorrow. I invited myself because, (1) it’s LA and it’s like 70 degrees, and (2) it’s Grammy week! Not much of the advanced planner, I haven’t been credentialed for a thing, but I decided to see what I could back door my way into. I also found out that my new friend Sheena of Shoeacidal was in town, so I invited her cute self out to see if we could slide into the Essence Black Women in Music event. Operating on very few hours of sleep and sore from being on cramped planes all day, in 30 minutes, I showered and got dolled up. Folake of StylePantry let me borrow her nanny and after a little pre-partying, Sheena and I were out the door.

We arrived on the red carpet, which was actually black and were greeted by the check-in girls, who were NATURAL! They also happened to be CurlyNikki readers, so yeah, we skated right on in. Boo to the yah.

We weren’t even in the door good before being bombarded by servers with offerings of delicious appetizers and alcoholic beverages. It was a very posh cocktail party and we recognized a lot of faces–

The Honorable Judge Mathis!


Leon!!! #5HeartBeats


Eve was so amazing. She was so sweet and even more beautiful in person. She performed that night too! Amazing!
My girl Nene!

Everyone was there to celebrate and honor the work of legend Sylvia Rhone and Kelly Rowland. Later in the evening, Kelly blessed us with a dope performance!

Repping #teamcurly

she was whipping it y’all!

Met Rowlegend in the flesh!

She told me I was tiny and had awesome hair that was bigger than me! I of course complimented her hair and she grabbed it and said, ‘I freaking love my hair like this!’ Priceless.

After the carpet cleared out, we jumped the rope! Y’all know I’m crazy. The security guards were bugging up.

All in all, it was a truly amazing experience and an excellent end to an otherwise crappy day.

Later Gators,

p.s. for more pics, check out Essence.com’s gallery!

p.p.s. I got the dress at ASOS, the shoes from Macys (BCBG) and my hair was styled with Original Moxie Lux Locks. I think I’ve found a great dry Twist-n-Curl product! Testing it again today!