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Curly Nikki

Home Improvement

By January 27th, 202142 Comments

Home Improvement
Lesson learned: you should never move into a house before seeing it. Obvious, right? Maybe not so much for this curly girl, but when you’re coming from 600 miles away AND you’re moving to the middle of nowhere AND you’ve waited till the last minute AND you’ve watched enough HGTV to give you the horribly false sense that you’re a property expert (not to mention that the pics looked awesome and they allowed dogs, and there was wood flooring….*sigh*…), you may be tempted to bite the bullet. We did and, well, you remember my reaction.

At any rate, hubby’s postdoc was renewed for a second year and although the smart/rational/convenient thing to do would be to stay put, I’m contemplating moving. We had actually discussed this weeks ago and decided that it made sense to wait it out another year. But when the ants renewed their lease in the kitchen over the weekend, I remembered back to last summer and how difficult it was to keep nature out. I immediately jumped on Craigslist to post this bad boy and started a house hunt of my own. I found a cute, clean, newer apartment that will most certainly serve its purpose for us and we’re planning to pack it up and move, get this, before May. Damn. We’ll be sacrificing on space, but I’d get a dishwasher, a second bathroom and clean, smooth, white walls that’ll leave me without fear that my family will get lead poisoning from paint that was made in 300 BC. Best of all though, it’d be a space that hasn’t been destroyed by undergrads, and for that, I’m thankful because these honey badger kids don’t give a sh*t. They’re in and out in 4 years max (or 6 or 7, but who’s counting?) and that person sized hole in the wall? That’s maintenance’s problem, right? Only thing is that it takes them a disrespectful amount of time to show up unless we say “Dr. Walton.” I wonder how soon they’d get here if I threaten to take these ants walking across my counter out one-by one with a hammer. I swear, the only thing that stops me from jumping on the IDGAF wagon is that I’ve got strangers renting my beautiful home in NC, and I’m not trying to reap nonofdat foolishness.

so these pics have nothing to do with the post… but what else is new?!
This is from last week’s trip to the park

Home Improvement


  • DaINKtellectual says:

    Prayerfully everything works out with the home situation.
    Gia is growing quickly and becoming more beautiful as she does!

  • Anonymous says:

    I don't do bugs of any kind.

    By the way…your Boogie is absolutely adorable.


  • Anonymous says:

    Nik, what products are you using on Gia?


  • Anonymous says:

    I hate bugs and whenever I see one I'm always ready to pack it all up too so I don't blame you one bit! Protect your family!


  • Anonymous says:

    Not the hammer!

  • Rhonda says:

    Is her hair brown? Just precious!

  • Anonymous says:

    Your daughter is adorable! I'm sure she'll help you pack up!

  • Anonymous says:

    CN you crayyyy!Too funny, thanks for the laugh!

  • Trayemama says:

    Wow!! I'm planning to move this May, too! Please keep us posted of your progress. How did you go about renting your NC home out? I would like to rent mine out to cover the mortgage, but would like to move closer to my job. Did you post your NC home on Craigslist? Thanks so much for sharing:)

  • Quite says:

    I think its GREAT that you didnt sell your beautiful NC home:-) We would love to have you back here:-)

  • hairscapades says:

    Nik, I've heard and read that cinnamon is a natural ant deterrent. Here is a link to a few other natural alternatives:

    And YEAH BOOG!! She is just so cute. <3<3<3!!


  • Anonymous says:

    Well I am out in the country too in Ohio and I was talking to my natural lady today and she said to try using peppermint oil and water and spray it in your kitchen. Should work. Good luck!

  • Anonymous says:

    My little boogie has that exact same sippy cup, princess tiana! Her hair is getting longer and thicker Nikki, what are you using?

  • Anonymous says:

    I died at you taking a hammer to those ants! I bet mgmt would come running! LOL! Good luck in the move.

  • Jillian says:

    Have you checked out Toftrees?

  • Anonymous says:

    I'll help you pack if you let me raid your closet!

  • Anonymous says:

    Who is that grown woman in these pictures?!

  • Anonymous says:

    Those honey badgers girl, I know all too well! I lived in SC for a long time and all the properties near campus were tow down! I'm happy you found a nicer place and kudos to hubby!

  • Anonymous says:

    I try to read however your language is a bit for a true Christian women

  • Anonymous says:

    You are much too much! hilarious post!

  • LBell says:

    Use Terro (the traps, not the liquid) for the ants. Works WAY better than Raid. Only problem is that 1) you'll have to keep it away from Gia and 2) you will have to deal with several days of visible ant trails to and from the trap.

    And LOL at "honey badger [college] kids don't give a sh**"…it is SO true. Unfortunately the landlords often don't give a sh** either…one big reason why I don't live near campus (I work for a university).

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with Quanesaha,you're about to move before May 2012?! WHOA! I'll be praying for you!

  • msmagnolia says:

    I've heard that Cinnamon or cayenne pepper will keep ants away. A buddy has battled an ant prob in her house for years like clockwork every spring. This year, she sprinkled a combo of both and not only did they go away, they haven't returned. It's cheap, harmless, and worth a try..

  • Anonymous says:


    When it RAINS, those ants make a beeline into your home. Spring is the worst invasion time *shudders*

    I don't like pest sprays around my family and pets. So, you gotta do some detective work.

    Is it crumbs that Boog is dropping?
    Is it fresh flowers you brought in from outside?
    Did someone drip their coffee (cream and sugar) on the porch?
    Did squirrels hide food near your door?

    There are lots of types of ants, house ants can be sugar eating ants or grease eating ants. Find out what the ants looking for, eliminate the food source, mop up their pheromone trail (yes, the little fokkers leave a pheromone trail)and bye bye ants.


  • Porschia Reynolds says:

    Theres always a good excuse for cute kid pics lol

  • Quaneasha says:

    Hey Nik,

    Whether good or bad, you always have something so interesting going on in your life! You should have your own reality show! lol I'd watch!


  • Anonymous says:

    I'd move to! I don't do ants or nature!

  • Tonya says:

    Look at Boogie's hair!I love her little TWA in the back. She's beautiful CN, keep up the good work :0)

  • Anonymous says:

    "it made SENSE"

  • Anonymous says:

    I loved this post!

  • Anonymous says:

    Funny! I feel your pain Nik!

  • SuryA says:

    Moving is the worse, I hate you have to do all of that work but understand why you want to leave. Congratulations to your husband. You two are doing good to be so young.

  • Sydni_Michelle says:

    Undergrads are def. the worst. I couldn't stand living with them! Gia is so cute too!

  • Anonymous says:

    Gia is adorable!

  • Rhonda C says:

    Hey Nik,
    As Martin Payne famously said, "get ta steppin!" Yesp, pack it up and move it out! You gave it the ole Eagle Scout try. Move you and the fam outta there! Good luck and keep us all updated.

    Gia's hair is really thickening up. Pretty soon she will be able to rock the high messy bun like her Aunt Rhonda C!

  • Spokenheart says:

    Congrats to your hubby and to your move lol!!!!

  • Yolande says:

    Hey Nikki!
    I had an ant problem too and Raid seemed to do the trick! 🙂

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    thanks ladies!

    @anon, most will have flat irons on deck but a hot comb isn't unheard of. I'd do my research (ask around, meet with the stylist and discuss her specialties) and make your move from there. You also have the option of doing it yourself… with the youtube gurus a click away you can do damn near anything! No matter what you decide, keep the heat moderate and use a heat protectant!

  • PhenomenallyMe says:

    Look at her hair!

  • Keisha says:

    Congrats to hubby on second year post doc! Lol at 300 bc even though it sounds like a nice place nature will make you wanna hurt somebody! Be strong! Sanity is priceless

  • Anonymous says:

    Awwww Gia is soooo cute 🙂
    I have a question about straightening natural hair. After transitioning for 16 months I am finally all natural yaaaayyyy!!!! But when you go to the salon and they straighten it, do they use just flat iron or do they use a straightening comb?

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki are you still in Pennsylvania? I understand your pain, the housing market is terrible and renting can be very annoying when the property managers are used to dealing with college kids. On another note, Gia is getting so big and so cute!

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