Lesson learned: you should never move into a house before seeing it. Obvious, right? Maybe not so much for this curly girl, but when you’re coming from 600 miles away AND you’re moving to the middle of nowhere AND you’ve waited till the last minute AND you’ve watched enough HGTV to give you the horribly false sense that you’re a property expert (not to mention that the pics looked awesome and they allowed dogs, and there was wood flooring….*sigh*…), you may be tempted to bite the bullet. We did and, well, you remember my reaction.

At any rate, hubby’s postdoc was renewed for a second year and although the smart/rational/convenient thing to do would be to stay put, I’m contemplating moving. We had actually discussed this weeks ago and decided that it made sense to wait it out another year. But when the ants renewed their lease in the kitchen over the weekend, I remembered back to last summer and how difficult it was to keep nature out. I immediately jumped on Craigslist to post this bad boy and started a house hunt of my own. I found a cute, clean, newer apartment that will most certainly serve its purpose for us and we’re planning to pack it up and move, get this, before May. Damn. We’ll be sacrificing on space, but I’d get a dishwasher, a second bathroom and clean, smooth, white walls that’ll leave me without fear that my family will get lead poisoning from paint that was made in 300 BC. Best of all though, it’d be a space that hasn’t been destroyed by undergrads, and for that, I’m thankful because these honey badger kids don’t give a sh*t. They’re in and out in 4 years max (or 6 or 7, but who’s counting?) and that person sized hole in the wall? That’s maintenance’s problem, right? Only thing is that it takes them a disrespectful amount of time to show up unless we say “Dr. Walton.” I wonder how soon they’d get here if I threaten to take these ants walking across my counter out one-by one with a hammer. I swear, the only thing that stops me from jumping on the IDGAF wagon is that I’ve got strangers renting my beautiful home in NC, and I’m not trying to reap nonofdat foolishness.

so these pics have nothing to do with the post… but what else is new?!
This is from last week’s trip to the park