lazy mom bun

Last week, I jumped my butt back on the healthy living wagon and I’m proud to say I’m strapped in and holding on for dear life. But given the already demanding and varied ish on my plate, I’ve had to adapt a model that works for me. My problem isn’t so much that I don’t know what to do– I made the small changes years ago and even when I’m off my game, you’ll never find white bread, chips or soda at the crib— my problem is convenience, or rather the inconvenience. On those days when I’m down to my last nerve, the last thing I feel like doing is marching into the kitchen to mince, dice, chop, or otherwise prepare anything that doesn’t end in ‘Helper’ or include microwaving directions on the packaging. To further complicate the oft-bumpy road that my wagon travels, I HATE doing the dishes. And until you can load the entire kitchen into a dishwasher, it’s really not a solution. For this reason, I often hunt for recipes that require the least prep so that later I’ll have fewer bowls and pots… otherwise I’ll just stare at them longer than it would actually take me to wash them. I’ve also learned that having bailout snacks in arm’s reach, like tuna salad and hummus, are a great idea for stopping me in my tracks. I can nibble, pull myself together and rethink that Double Cheeseburger. For me, that’s what it really comes down to: keeping myself from getting so hungry that a 500 calorie burger appears to be my saving grace (get thee behind me you delicious devil!). But I digress…

So for me to go hard on green living, I need reasonable, convenient alternatives.

Here are a couple of my favorite short cuts-

Aside from my quick, go-to dinner of broiled or bake lean meat + sauteed spinach (with olive oil, mushrooms and garlic), I’m loving these Kashi pizzas. They’re reasonably low in fat and calories, meatless, but somehow, almost taste great.

Due to the cost and time of juicing, I’m going to stick to consuming my fruits the old fashion way- eating ’em (although Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead was incredibly convincing). But when I lack the desire and energy for even that, the above fruit smoothie will do. In line with NAKED brand juices, it’s made with minimal processing and doesn’t contain artificial colors or flavors, added sugar, preservatives or genetically modified ingredients. Although the sugar is moderately high, I’d say I’m still doing better than what I could be doing. Plus, it provides 8 fruits and veggies servings. Once or twice a day, usually in the morning with my egg and oatmeal, I’ll toss back 4 ounces and keep it moving. I’m dying to try the blueberry one… it’s full of fiber.

Anyone in the same boat as me?

What short cuts do you take that don’t contain absurd amounts of sodium, sugar or unpronounceable ingredients?