Yeah. So last week? Cray.

On the 30th, while hubby gave a final exam, I not only started, but finished packing and enlisted two super seniors to help us move our ish across town (maybe they should’ve been studying for their own finals though… hmmm).  With Aunty’s departure looming, I knew I needed to take full advantage of the built in baby care, so I unpacked too… all before 7pm.  A celebratory glass (or 2) of Shiraz followed shortly thereafter. I spent much of the 1st on hold with utility companies, much of the 2nd in appointments and the 3rd, traveling to and from NYC for business. Things have chilled out but just for the moment. We’ll be loading up the car for a roadtrip later this week, heading to… Denton, NC.  More to come on that… 

In the meantime, check out the view–

Boog on her Einstein
is it too early to
contact MENSA?
Seared Ahi Tun Salad… good, right?
Almost. Observe the requisite order of fries… and yes, that’s cheese, jalapenos, bacon bits and sour cream in those containers. #loaded #FatherForgiveMe