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TheUncommonBeauty (J.P.)
Ny-Esha L
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Every morning around 7, I get up and head for the roof to check in with you dolls. Mornting!

So the above is day two of my Wash & Go.  It was snapped yesterday morning after taking down this pineapple–

this ish cray

I don’t pull the hair above my ears into the pineapple because the curls fall flat, they pull straight and it leads to disaster. #KnowYourTextures

My hair in the back is thicker, tightly coiled and prone to shrinkage. The hair in the front is finer, hangs longer and has an s wave pattern not a coil pattern. So even without this bomb ass cut, my hair would dry in the shape of a bob—long in the front and short in the back.

Check out the view from yesterday,  May 22, Rio Day 9–

still on the balcony here… LOVE this high/low shirt.  It was gifted from ASOS, along with the incredibly yellow jeans.  I was a lil’ bright…

Hubby turned me onto Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods a while back and his Rio episode inspired yesterday’s excursion to Porcão- a carnivore’s dream.  They should’ve called it Pork-Cow ’cause that’s exactly what’s coming to your table on a stick. You pay one price for access to their decadent buffet that includes cold and hot appetizers, salads, seafood and creative sushi rolls.  But the real show starts when you take your seat.  They give you one of these–

It’s a little paper circle, red on one side, green on the other.  If you give ’em the green light you’ll be welcoming an incessant string of waiters bearing the most beautiful cuts of perfectly grilled meat you’ve ever seen.  From lamb to veal to sirloin to chicken hearts… it was damn amazing.  They walk over, give you a closer look and if you’re still interested, they’ll carve a slice or two off for you.  The best part is trying to glean what animal the meat came from and which part.  At one point I resorted to charades (flapping my arms like a chicken) and moo’ing like a cow, to which the waiter with the rump steak responded with a smile, ‘sim, mooooo’!

Yep, again with the chicken hearts! I’m pretty sure I’ve now reached my limit though. Hubby was like, ‘I think I’ve had like 20 chicken hearts the last couple of days’.  I was all, ‘no boo, you’ve had ‘the hearts of 20 chickens’, doesn’t that sound much more grotesque and ridiculous?!’.  The ones at Porcão were super fresh, relative to the street version that I raved about… these tasted much more like chicken and much more like heart.   After the fifth one, I was like, ‘I just… I can’t’. 

As an aside–I’ve yet to see a chicken wing here.  I told my dad about it and he said,  ‘I suppose they send all the hearts to the Black folk in Brazil and send us all the wings!’

My plate as I quickly reached my limit.  #INeedAnExtraSomach #Stat

The dessert cart. Oh my damn.  I was stuffed when hubby ordered fresh mango sorbet…


 They whipped it up on the spot. And of course they brought out 2 spoons… so I had to partake.

Porcao just so happened to be on Ipanema beach so we took a stroll and enjoyed the view–

potty break… sorry for the graphic nature of this pic, but for why would one need a cushiony seat on a public, pay-to-play, toilet?  I don’t even like the one at Granny’s. #thatisall #WhoSits

the hair was shrinking fast…

and feeling dry as a cactus…

dudes in their panty draws…

Every time I saw magnificence, I’d walk over, touch my hair, point to the camera and then point to their hair.  It was bizarre how no one said ‘no’, looked unsure, or questioned it.  It was unspoken, ‘I know I’m beautiful, of course you can document my FLYY!’

You know you couldn’t do this in the States, let a random tourist walk
up to you asking to take your picture. Not happening… #ImTooGrown #BoutToPutThisGirlOnTwitter

these are microbraids!

and later–

what the sea spray did to my hair… had to puff it!

some moonshine the guys picked up… that’s whole fruit in that bottle!


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1. How the hell did they get whole kiwis and apples in that bottle?!
2. Would you let your baby go naked on the beach? I’ve seen lots of 2-4 year olds with nary a stitch of clothes… there are some places you just don’t want sand.
3. Where’s your next vacay? Why?

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