SweetDrk1, aka Gaye, writes:

Last year, around this time, I very proudly shared a picture of me and my daughter with our TWAs.  Now y’all know I Big Chop annually and it’s about that time. So here we are
and have somehow survived the–

Me: Shelbey, did you use the last of my Koils by Nature leave in?
Her: *silence*


Her: Mommy how does this Hair Rules work? Do you like it?
Me: *thinking* if I say I don’t like it, she will take it. If I say I like it, she will take it. *silence*


Lol! I have learned to purchase duplicates, because on her weekend trips
home from college, if I didn’t, I would be totally on zero.  I love listening to her
give out advice when approached about her hair.  She has finally mastered
the twist-out and she loves it… she wants big hair and at this rate, I
am so sure she will have it. I am so proud that she is comfortable and
working it! #teamnatural all day!

In regards to my hair, Shelbey is adamant about me NOT cutting it this year. She got so upset when I
said I was going to get a buzz cut. In light of all we have had to deal
with… she need not worry about that right now…so uhm, yeah… my hair is
long as hell! Hahahahahahaaa!