it’s 8:30am here… note the milk ‘stache, stray crayons, and flexi rods. She’s sitting her ass on my serving tray watching Spongebob on my now, thanks to her, ‘speakerphone only’ Iphone.  The things I do to steal 15 minutes to write a post.

In my desperate quest to find something, anything to keep Gia’s situation moisturized and fuzzless for more than a few hours, I’ve tried it all.  I’ve used gifted products geared toward the kiddos such as CURLS’ It’s a Curl (Fail.), Cara B (not great…) and Burt’s Bees (whatevs…), even threw my latest and greatest staples in the mix, like Redken’s Smooth Down Butter Treat (aiight) and AG Fast Food (eh…).  Due to the highly porous nature of her fine strands, it’s easy to get the moisture in (with most products initially leaving her soul glowing!), but it’s ridiculously fleeting.  Her hair dries up faster than bird poo… so yeah, I know this because I was recently shat on… someone said that’s lucky? #Digression

Now, since Boogie wails and screams her way through wash day, we’ve limited the carnage to twice a month.  In the meantime, I need a spray bottle and its heavenly contents to keep her curls detangled, soft and moisturized. With water, un-cut, seemingly doing more harm than good, and my lack of patience to whip up our own ish, Blended Beauty’s Kick for Curls, also gifted, on some real levels, has changed our lives.  Again, we’ve gone through hella detanglers and nothing compares to the slip, moisture and softening capabilities of this magical spritz.  It smells of sweet vanilla and cocoa and leaves her hair noticeably softer and detangled for days… like 3, before I have to re-apply.  Game changer.  I can use it alone to re-braid or re-puff her hair, or underneath their Happy Nappy Styles for the days I want to really look like a ‘good mom’.  I have to constantly remind myself that the state of my child’s hair is not a visual representation of my mothering abilities.  Kids will be kids and Boog is a wild child… she turns cute little braids (which take me forever to do ’cause I’m terrible and she’s a squirmer) into poof balls in like 10 minutes flat.  Most days, today being one of them, I let it do what it do.  But I digress…again.

Now, if you recall, BB’s Happy Nappy Styles (HNS) was my boo for like 2 years, circa 2006ish. It aided in my emancipation from hard hold gels, of which, at the time, I thought I needed to achieve ‘control’ over my curls. I remember HNS leaving me with very soft, very moisturized, very shrunken hair.  I’ve revisited over the last two weeks, and it does all of those things except for cause excessive shrinkage.  I’ve gotten some pretty good hang time on recent twist-outs and I don’t have to re-moisturize for days. The only con is the ‘producty’ feel you’ll get if you’re heavy handed.  But for the most part, it’s non-greasy.   This is a very heavy, incredibly moisturizing, deliciously smelling styling butter.  It’s also ridiculously expensive and you can only score it online, so whenever you’re in the mood to charge it to the game, I’d definitely recommend it. 

Later Gators,

Any experiences with Blended Beauty? Share below!

What do you use on your little one’s curls?