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Curly Nikki

Mongongo Withdrawals and English Accents

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Mongongo Withdrawals and English Accents
‘Look me in my face…I ain’t got no worries!’

Had absolutely no problems removing the intentional eyeshadow situation from my hair. Hell yeah, please and thank you.  In preparation for my greasy ass bun, I loaded up with coconut oil and before I could even gather my hair in the Goody band, my hands were blue. So yeah, coconut oil? Just as effective at removing eyeshadow from your hair as it is from your face. Boo-yah! And now…we’re purple! The blue, though…still my fav. You can’t tell in this pic, but the purple is not as obnoxious vibrant. I’ll continue to monitor the structural soundness of the pieces I choose to highlight, but for now, this appears to be a really dope and super easy way to rock ratchet and unnatural yet trendy colors. I’m all in.This is so happening for the foreseeable. The next morning, I turned to my regularly scheduled shampoo (Mizani’s Supreme Oil ‘poo), conditioned and detangled with Aubrey GPB. All good.

A few things to catch y’all up:

1. Tossed the Tresemmé Naturals, ’cause like Vo5 and Suave, the ish is just not rich enough. Mizani’s Supreme Oil Conditioner, Living Proof’s FULL Conditioner and Aubrey’s GPB are still mainstays in my shower and I love them as if they were my children…especially Aubrey GPB – unlike its sister Honey Suckle Rose, it’s slippery which aids in detangling and although it touts ‘protein treatment’ on the label, it’s the perfect balance for my curls. I use it every week and I think my hair is better for it.

2. That’s another thing, my WDTM&G lasts for a week. Like, 7 whole days. I wash it over the weekend, do ‘The Tracee’ or the like, air or bonnet dry, sleep on a satin pillow case and I have awesome hair for 6 or 7 days… no puffin’ necessary. But here’s the thing, last week, around day 3, I noticed this not-so-lovely halo of frizz forming at my crown. My hair looked rather lack luster and dry too which is quite unusual. Nothing about my routine had changed, except, my Ouidad Mongongo Oil had run dry. When it’s on deck, I warm 3-4 squirts in my hands and apply it to my crown first and then pull my hair back as if I’m going to make a ponytail, in order to smooth the remaining oil down to my ends. I do this every morning, sometimes at night as well and now I see how much it matters. So yeah, I’m out and I’m going through Mongongo withdrawals. That oil is seriously my new obsession and I don’t plan to be without it again. It’s super light and doesn’t weigh me down or break the curls apart, but it provides nourishment, fizz protection and a healthy shine. It’s hands down the best commercial oil I’ve used, ever, and that’s saying a lot. I’ve even acclimated to the granny fragrance.

The price though. #ChargetItToTheGame

3. Speaking of grannies, I’m going home for Thanksgiving! But we’re driving, which means I’m either going to need a new pair of ears for the road, or a new child when I get back home, because chiiiiiiiiiiiiild, that little girl can TALK. See Number 4.

4. Gia’s vocabulary. Off the chain. And her word usage and sentence structure is remarkable and absolutely entertaining. I need to get sound bites for y’all because I just… I just, I cannot.

Gia (in, from what I can tell, is an intentional English accent): MAMA, MAMA, MAMA!
Me: Goodmorning Gia.
Gia: Morning!
Me: How did you sleep?
Gia: Fine.
Me: You hungry?
Gia: Oh yeah! Where egg? Mama? Where PawPaw?!

Things continue in that vein until around 10pm. Her volume? Always on 10. I’m sure the neighbors love us.

I usually call my sister Syl when Gia says or does something new so that night when I ran up to CVS to acquire the cream eyeshadows, I was on the phone with her. I was telling her how bizarre and funny it is that Gia sings my name and often utilizes an English accent and that I have NO idea where she picked this up from. It wasn’t even 5 ironic minutes later that I was asking Syl a question, for no reason whatsoever – in an English accent. She was like, ‘uh, Nik, that right there. That’s why I’m not surprised Gia talks with an accent sometimes! You’re nuts!’ So yeah, it’s amazing the things we do without thinking and how quickly our little sponges soak them up.

5. Why is this post so long? UGGGGGHH! *sigh* Sorry for the outburst. See number 6.

6. I’m once again down to my last damn nerve and I can’t quite put a finger on the ‘why’. You know that head space you get in where every little, minor annoyance can set you the hell off? That’s where I’m at. Example: I’ve never been very good in the kitchen, but my desire to live and eat healthier has required me to stop ordering out and to start preparing ish myself. This past weekend I spent 150 dollars on groceries with the intention to NOT spend more money at restaurants and was really excited to try some new recipes…easy ones too, cause when I Google them, it’s usually like, ‘easy ass recipe’. So when I fugged up the first recipe on Friday, I laughed it off and we ordered in. It wasn’t until I completely botched the recipe on Saturday that I lost my damn mind.

I’m working on it though.

Later Gators,

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