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Dasha is Naturally Glamorous!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Dasha is Naturally Glamorous!
by Alex of TheGoodHairBlog

Please introduce yourself!
My name is Dasha (pron. Day-shuh) Parker, and I am 21 years old. I was born, raised, and currently reside in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I love trying new things, and change is my best friend. That actually led me on my natural journey, but that’s another story. Anything that involves food, travel, good music, and positive energy strikes me. I am currently an undergraduate Business Student, studying Accounting, but one day I hope to be able to unleash my creative side. Hopefully sooner than later (:

What is your current hair regimen?
I start by pre-pooing my hair with coconut oil and castor oil mixed with my deep conditioner of choice, every 2 weeks, depending on my hair’s condition. I allow it to sit for 30+ minutes, and wash with semi warm-cool water. DCing first helps me to shorten the time I spend in the shower, and removes the extra steps of getting in and out. I try to be as low key as possible. Then, I cleanse by cowashing or shampooing depending on the type of products used. When cleansing I use a cheapie silicone free conditioner, such as Tresemme Naturals or VO5, and whatever shampoo I can put my hands on first. I don’t pay much attention to shampoos, because for me they all work the same, or can be diluted/tweaked by adding an oil to work for my hair. However, one of my favorites is Giovanni Tea Tree Tingle. I love it because it really opens up my pores- I suffer from an easily irritated, itchy scalp and it really helps to soothe it. I always follow up by conditioning, alternating between a protein and moisture rich formula every few weeks. I have very coily hair, that’s frizz prone, so I prefer the thick rich conditioners that smooths and provide extra slip for easy, light finger detangling while in the shower. Follow up with a leave in conditioner, seal hair and coat my scalp with an oil and detangle my hair while wet, prior to styling.

Dasha is Naturally Glamorous!

How would you describe your hair?
I mainly have a head full of coily ringlets, with looser s-wave curls along the perimeter of my hair. Oh, and my crown does it’s own thing. It maintains moisture easily which is a plus, but when it tangles, it TANGLES. So lately I have diverted away from my old faithful wash n gos and more so toward more stretched styles.

Did you BC/Transition, and if so for how long?
I big chopped, twice, little thought to an actual transition. When I first “went natural”, it was on impulse, on search to try something new with my hair. I was growing out the popular Rihanna pixie cut, and thought it would be cool for me to grow out my relaxer. I had micro braids at the time, and knew little on the entire process of how to transition, and even less on how to maintain and style my hair. So 3 months later, after I removed them, my hair was a hassle to detangle and straighten, and I was committed to not going back to relaxers.  So to stop myself from making that rash decision, me and a friend sat in the dorm, and both took a pair of scissors to my hair. I took the first snip. Haven’t looked back since. Nine months ago, I did another self BC, due to heat damage from flat ironing, and it is growing back more beautiful and amazing than before. I don’t regret it one bit.

Dasha is Naturally Glamorous!

Did you ever struggle with curly girl insecurities? If so, what helped you adjust to your naturally curly hair over the years?
YES! When I first went natural, I got mixed reactions. Some loved it, and those that hated it weren’t afraid to let it be known. At first I would be upset, and allowed it to alter the way I felt about my hair, until I realized that I was just as beautiful, and had more things going for myself than just my hair. I became comfortable with myself and stopped looking for the approval of others. With that mentality, my confidence grew, and I became associated with more positive people. Now, there is NOTHING one can say about my hair to bring me down. I know my hair is fly, and I don’t need anyone to tell me otherwise. (:

What makes you love your kinks/curls?
The single fact that it feels so… ME. It fits my personality so well, that people who have known me for years can vaguely remember me with a relaxer, myself included. It’s truly a part of who I am now.

Dasha is Naturally Glamorous!

Where can we find you on the web?
You can always find and chat with me on Instagram or twitter: @alovelydaybr or via email Also feel free to check out my blog, I’m pretty easily accessible!

Is there anything else you want to share?
Be yourself and do what makes you happy. Everyone will have their opinions, and no one will love 100% of things about you. Embrace your hair and enjoy your journey. Rome wasn’t built in one day, and hair doesn’t grow/repair/transform in one either.

Dasha is Naturally Glamorous!Dasha is Naturally Glamorous!
My name is Alexandra Smith, I am 22 year old single mother of one, full time Media Journalism student and business owner.I share my curly girl experience and other kinky haired goodness on my site “The Good Hair Blog.” My overall goal of blogging for the natural hair community is to bring us together,men included by spreading knowledge, inspiration and love about our diverse heads of hair.

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