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Curly Nikki

Ebony is Naturally Glamorous!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Ebony is Naturally Glamorous!

Tell us your hair story.
This is my second time wearing my hair natural; my last relaxer was in 2005. The first time wasn’t very successful, so I relaxed again after a year. Although I regretted it, it still took 4-5 years to start over. I’m so happy I did! The journey was a little rocky in the beginning, but as soon as I found my stride it was a done deal.

What do you love about being natural? What do you not love?
I love the freedom, I love that I can wash and go if I wanted, but seeing that my hair is a tangled mess afterward that’s no longer a go-to style for me. I love that I no longer wonder if I’ll “burn” when it’s time for a touch up. I love that it’s MY hair, unaltered (chemically). The versatility is amazing. Overall, I looooove being an example for little black girls…I do not love detangling at this length. I remember when I used to be able to easily slide a comb through my wet head and go—sometimes using a rat tail comb! That’s just a very small nuisance in the grand scheme of things. 🙂

Ebony is Naturally Glamorous!

What is your current hair routine?

I try my best to shampoo every two-three weeks, and co-wash once a week or a couple times a week.

What are your favorite products?
They vary, but right now Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner, Cantu Shea Butter, Giovanni’s Direct Leave-In, Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter by Qhemet Biologics, and coconut oil.
What is your favorite go to style?
Definitely two strand twists. They’re easy, and they keep my hair out of the way and tangle free.
Ebony is Naturally Glamorous!

Do you have a blog or YouTube channel? If so, How has that experience shaped your hair?

Yes, is my blog, and eclark6 is my YouTube channel. I don’t think either of the experiences have necessarily shaped my hair. They’re both platforms to help others in any way that I can, when I can.

What have you learned thus far on your hair journey?
I’ve learned that not everything has to be set in stone. If I don’t shampoo or condition my hair like clock work, it’s ok. If I don’t have staple products, it’s ok. I’ve learned that I feel the most beautiful, organic, and authentic exactly the way I was created…no preservatives.

Anything else you’d like to tell the curly community?
Stay encouraged and God bless.

Ebony is Naturally Glamorous!

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