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Kimberly is Naturally Glamorous!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Kimberly is Naturally Glamorous!

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Kimberly Nettles and I’m the co-founder of a natural hair product line: Dr Nettles Natural Beauty.  I’m also a Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate (graduating May 2013).

Were you a slow transitioner or a Big Chopper & why? 
I’ve been natural my entire life; however, just because I was natural did not mean I understood proper hair health. It wasn’t until I entered professional school that I really decided to make sure my hair was in the best condition it could possibly be. Devoting that time and energy was a lot of work in the beginning, but the results were worth it in the end!

Had you always embraced your texture?
Not at all. I’m an eclectic person, so I’ve been through many hair phases during my life. I grew up in Alabama, and did not encounter many other women with natural hair when I was younger. I thought that flat ironing my hair would help to solve all of my curly girl problems; but it did the opposite and left my hair dry and damaged. In high school, I started to notice that my hair did not look healthy, so I limited the time I spent trying to straighten my hair, and embraced my natural curl pattern. Once I started to get compliments on how great my hair looked, I wondered why I never wore it like that in the first place!

Kimberly is Naturally Glamorous!

How did family and friends react to your decision to go natural? How did they react to the new you? What was your response to them?
My family and friends always accepted me being natural. Once they saw the positive health benefits and overall condition of my hair, several of them decided that they wanted to transition! It was really great to see people joining the natural hair movement, and deciding to wear their hair curly!

Describe your hair.
Thick, frizzy, curly, healthy, highly porous, 3C hair!

What’s your current hair routine? How often do you wash, condition, and style? 
Favorite products! Deets!
Currently, I wash my hair once a week and co-wash twice a week. I also do hot oil treatments with olive oil every three weeks for shine, in addition to using an apple cider vinegar rinse once a month to remove any build-up.

My favorite style right now is bantu knots! It’s crazy something that simple can make your hair look so good! I enjoy anything beauty related that is quick and low maintenance, and bantu knots are just that. I can do them a couple of times a week (using Dr Nettles hair growth serum) before bed, go to sleep, and wake up with nicely curled hair!

Kimberly is Naturally Glamorous!

As far as products are concerned, my mother (Dana Nettles) and I created a company called Dr Nettles Natural Beauty. We noticed how so many products are not created for women with natural hair- and the ones that are contain harsh chemicals that are bad for you. My mother, already a licensed pharmacist and myself, a Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate (graduating May 2013) both have a strong appreciation for the art of chemistry.

Therefore, we decided to team up and create a product to aid in hair growth and overall restoration. The product is a play off of our last name: Nettles; and the line features the nettle herb that works as a great added benefit for your hair. The combination of understanding the science of hair and herbal products, formed into an amazing creation! After using the product for a couple of months my hair’s texture and length has all had positive results. The line is something that I strongly recommend to anyone and everyone looking for healthy hair! The website is

Kimberly is Naturally Glamorous!

How do you maintain your hair at night?
I love satin pillowcases! It gives a regal feel to your bedroom, while protecting your hair at the same time! In addition I wear bantu knots to bed twice a week and pull my hair into a LOOSE high ponytail (right on the top of my head) on the other nights. Therefore, all I have to do in the morning is flip my hair upside-down and give it a quick shake without my curl pattern being ruined.

How do you maintain healthy length?
I wear protective styles all the time. Literally, all the time. I avoid heat, damaging cotton fabrics, and harsh chemicals at all costs! I like to limit myself to using a flat iron a couple of times a year (for a length check). The key words are prevention and protection! If you take the time to do the small details of caring for you hair in the beginning, you won’t be faced with issues like fried hair and split ends in the long run.

What’s the best thing about being curly?
It’s something different! It’s something unique! It’s something beautiful! It’s embracing who you naturally are! Why fight what mother nature gave you, when you already have a head full of beautiful, luxurious curls to showcase?

Where can folks find you on the web?
Instagram: kim_nettles
Twitter: @kim_nettles and @drnettlesbeauty
Facebook: Kimberly Nettles &

Kimberly is Naturally Glamorous!

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