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A Natural Hair Tip to Remember- Product Trials

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
A Natural Hair Tip to Remember- Product Trials

If you feel frustrated with your curls or dissatisfied with your hair products, try this tip.

Not Giving It Time
Not giving products enough time to work can lead to frustration with our curls, coils or waves, and dissatisfaction with the products we are constantly buying.

With all of the natural hair products and information out there it can be easy to adopt a “gotta try ‘em all” attitude. Yet the search to find our Holy Grail product can result in a regimen that is constantly changing.

Avoid the Mistake
When you’re trying out a product for the first time it is important to use it a few times and in many different ways before rendering your final verdict. Your hair can react differently to a product depending on the way in which you use it, and some products may work well initially but with continued use can lead your hair to revolt.

Also to truly be sure if a technique is working for your hair you need to try it out for a while and during that time keep a close eye on your curls.

As a Rule:

  • Try a product at least three times in different ways
  • Try a hair care technique five times before making your decision
  • And once you’ve got your verdict? Share your opinion with other curlies on the Product Review page to help them in making their product decisions too!

How do you decide on which products to buy?

What are your best practices for trying a new product?

What are you LOVING right now?

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