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Curly Nikki

Be Sexy, Be Successful — but first, Be Spiritual.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Be Sexy, Be Successful -- but first, Be Spiritual.

Tell me, does this sound like you?

You envision a life where you are physically, emotionally, and financially healthy — plus, you feel beautiful from the inside out. You know that your intrinsic value is not decreased by bad decisions and setbacks. You are free to live, grow, dream and create from your truest, softest place. You recognize yourself as a small but integral part of the world, a world with all different ideas and ways of living; and you live your life with respect and acceptance for all walks of life. You’re oozing with grace and confidence and soulful magnetism. Your values and your strengths are apparent in how you live, how you work and how you take care of yourself.


Today, I want to remind you how important your spirituality is to realizing this vision.

Do you want to be successful in a meaningful, change-yourself-change-the-world kind of way? Then work on developing a spiritual plan that outlines your intentions before you work on your business/career plan.

Do you want to exude beauty and soulfulness? Then get to know what your spiritual gifts are and how to channel them in a way that inspires people and generates more positivity in the world.

What else? Consider the following truths about magnetism, spirituality and success.

{1} When you view life as a spiritual adventure, you release the need to understand, control and justify everything that happens. Spirituality gives you a safety bubble of faith that helps you embrace uncertainty and risk, which are both integral to success.

{2} Spirituality makes success possible and sustainable. The reason that most people don’t live their dreams is that they don’t believe in miracles. Living your dreams requires a gobs of spiritual energy – some call it ambition, determination, perseverance – but underpinning all of those things is a strong belief system.

{3} The law of attraction is a spiritual concept that when mastered, allows us to bring to life the desires and thoughts we hold in our minds. Want to manifest something in your life? See it in your mind first.

{4} Sexy, magnetic people use their spiritual energy to adorn themselves with confidence. This same energy shows up as grace in the midst of adversity, and burning love in the midst of ugliness and hate.

{5} We must give in order to receive. Stealing, back-stabbing and lying will never result in sustainable success. They won’t earn you any good karma either.

{6} Like attracts like. You can’t help but to attract what you give off. Touching and agreeing with other soulful people who have the same fire in their bones as you is a powerful tool for success.

{7} Success is the alignment of your deeds and actions with the vibrations of your soul. In other words, knowing what makes you come alive and doing it.

{8} Your spiritual gifts were specifically crafted and placed within you for you to share. Everything is connected. When you use your gifts, the ripple effect does indeed impact the world.

Looky here. When connected with spirituality, our goals have the potential to reach beyond personal gain into a context that includes our families, our communities, and the world. Thinking of it this way, helps us to see a bigger picture and a compelling reason to keep building. Spirituality provides conviction – which is a constant reminder of why we do what we do.

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