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‘I Finally Mastered the Twist-Out!’- Natural Hair Tips

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

'I Finally Mastered the Twist-Out!'- Natural Hair Tips

As a new natural, I remember thinking that certain styles (twist-outs, wash and go’s, cocoon curls) were off limits to me because of my hair texture and length. Fortunately, I got over that form of thinking and discovered the L.O.C method! My natural hair prayers have been answered with this method and now I’m crushing on my own hair!

If you tend to have dry and tightly coiled hair, your twist outs can come out limp, dull, and with little definition. I struggled with this after too many failed twist-outs and just when I was about to give up on ever achieving the perfect twist-out, I realized that maybe the lack of moisture and not my hair, was the issue.



The L.O.C method requires you to use your leave-in conditioner, your favorite oils, and a cream product to create long lasting, luminous, moisturized curls with amazing definition. This method is perfect for twist-outs, flat twist-outs, bantu knot outs, braid-outs, etc.

When using this method, I start by sectioning my hair into 4 large workable sections. I then take smaller pieces within each section and saturate it with my favorite leave-in conditioner- Karen Body Beautiful’s Sweet Ambrosia. Next, I apply a mixture of coconut and castor oil to seal, and I finish up with a mixture of flaxseed gel (less drying than the ecostyler gel) and QP Elasta Mango Butter prior to twisting. As I twist each section of my hair, I can clearly see the difference, as my twists are fully, shiny and easier to detangle.

The next morning, I took out my twists and realized that this was by far the best twist-out I have ever achieved!  Three days later, it was still moisturized!  I’m in love with the method and all the extra moisture I’m adding to my hair has an added bonus, as it will contribute to my healthy hair growth.

Have you ever tried the L.O.C method? Please comment below with your thoughts on it!

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