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Curly Nikki

7 Signs You Need a Mini Chop

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

7 Signs You Need a Mini Chop

A Mini Chop is cutting two or more inches of hair off, and is so named after the larger, well-known Big Chop. Whether you have already had a Big Chop, or you’re still considering it, here are seven signs that the Mini Chop is for you.

1. Lack of volume

When we first
start our natural hair journeys, most of us create a goal to grow our
hair to lengths we never once dreamed possible. However, once we achieve
our hair length goal we quickly discover that it comes with a big
price- a reduction in volume.

Some curlies appreciate this
because they longed for the days when their hair tumbled down their
backs. However for the curlies longing for outrageously big hair your
enemies length and gravity will both conspire against you. If you crave
width instead of length, then when you book your next hair appointment
ask your stylist to cut rather than trim your hair to reduce its weight
and achieve more volume.

2. Aging Hair

Our ends are the oldest part of our hair strand and have endured everything from our overzealous use of styling tools to chemical treatments. As a result they are more prone to breakage, tangling and just don’t look as nice as the length of our hair.

If you’ve been growing your hair out for a while and have ends that are forever frizzy, and you’re tired of babying them then it is time to book your next hair appointment. Your hair will look and feel so much better after a good cut and you’ll probably shave a significant amount of time from your detangling and styling time.

3. You’re bored

After years of
following the same routine, doing the usual suspect hairstyles and
playing it safe for maximum length retention you’re probably quite
bored. If the usual twist and braid routine is no longer doing it for
you consider doing something drastic and cutting off some of your
length. A change of pace and a new look could be what you need to
rekindle the love affair between you and your hair.

4. Too much volume

There are some curlies out there blessed with beautifully thick manes that have the ability to defy gravity and grow out not down. However, if you’re that curly with a thick head of hair you might not feel so lucky.

If you’re constantly at war with your poof then a good cut might just be what you need. Layering and texturing your hair should help to reduce your bulk and volume.

5. Transitioning

Any curly who has transitioned knows just how hard it is to care for two completely different textures of hair. However, for most, the mere thought of doing the BC and rocking short hair is frightening.
If you’re a curly transitioner but you aren’t ready for a full Big Chop it might just be time for a Mini Chop. Getting rid of a few inches of chemically treated or heat damaged hair could mean less tangles and faster styling and wash sessions. Also the Mini Chop could help to mentally prepare you for the day when you finally gather the courage to do the BC.

6. Get in shape

As your hair grows you may notice one really annoying fact of life – hair doesn’t grow evenly. Due to different curl patterns and uneven shrinkage you can be left with hair that has a rather awkward shape to it. Fortunately you don’t have to live with it.
A well trained stylist who specializes in curly hair will know how to properly cut individual sections of your hair to give you the shape you desire whether it be a perfectly round fro, lift in the back or bangs.

7. Rapunzel Hair

Whilst it is satisfying to know that you can grow your hair down to your waist actually caring for hair that long is another story. If you dread detangling on wash day, resent having to use half a bottle of product in one styling session and find that doing your hair takes entirely too long then you may need to part with some of your length.

Hair care should be fun and exciting and if you have begun to hate doing your hair then you need to ask yourself if your length is worth all the trouble. If not then cut it; after all it’s just hair.

Have you chopped lately? Why? Do you like it?!

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