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Official Natural Hair Anniversary Date?!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Official Natural Hair Anniversary Date?!

by Yolanda Renee of

A lot of people ask…”OMG! HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN NATURAL!?!” I always respond with when I first cut my hair (almost a year ago). And their reaction is priceless! At first I didn’t understand why they were so surprised and then it hit me. Ladies, I cut my hair in May 2012 which I do consider a BC (big chop) however, a lot of naturals consider you going natural when you decided to stop getting perms. If you transitioned and then BC’ed, they also consider whether you cut off all of your hair or only the permed hair. Confusing? Ha!


I started transitioning in November 2011. I rocked weaves and I styled my transitioned hair a few times until May 2012. In May 2012 is when I cut off all of the permed hair. I had approximately 3 inches of hair after my BC. I’m not sure how many inches I have now, but its grown a lot! It’s funny though because while I was transitioning, I did consider myself #teamnatural…but there were some people who gave me the side eye and some even posted subliminal comments on FB like, “everybody saying they are #teamnatural now just because they haven’t had a perm in a few months, girl boo!” LOL! So it’s funny how when you are transitioning you are in limbo…but when you are finally natural people think you are not counting those transitioning months as your anniversary. Girl boo! Lol. Either way, I think I have nursed my hair to health, it’s growing tremendously, and I am loving #teamnatural. I love my hair and I love how so many women are connecting through hair. There has always been a stereotype that black women (women in general) can’t get along…well this natural hair movement has proved that it’s more than just hair because #teamnatural goes hard…we support each other. And this hair has made us sooooo much more closer. I love it!

So how long have you been natural? Do you count your transitioning months? What is our hair anniversary? If you had a conversation with someone transitioning would you consider her #teamnatural? Or just in transitioning limbo? And the big chop…is it a big chop if you only cut off your permed hair? Or is a BIG CHOP only for those who cut off all their hair? Let’s discuss this! And hurry up because my hair anniversary is coming…or did it pass already!?! 🙁 Did I miss it in November? OMG! I don’t care…I’m having a birthday party in May for this ‘fro…her name is Bella BTW! Baaaahaaahaaahaaa!

Weigh in! Also, when’s your anniversary?!

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