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Tracey Boggs: Natural Hair Bride

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Tracey Boggs: Natural Hair Bride

Tracey Boggs writes: 

I had a very tough time finding natural hairstyle inspiration for my wedding, but what I eventually found came from stories on  So now I’m sharing my pictures in hope of inspiring others!

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My entire head of hair was flat twisted and once those set, I took them out and created two giant flat twists. The back was separated and I created a braid mixing in Marley Hair. I wrapped the braid into a bun. I also did my husband’s hair. He has locs that I started and have maintained for over 2 years. I flat twisted the front and the back was two strand twisted.

Simply put, I felt amazing! I had been encouraged to get a sew in weave, wear corn rows braided into a bun, straighten it, etc. but I wanted to be myself on that day and for me to look back on the pictures to represent who I was at the time. I received so many compliments and when I look at the pictures of my kinky hair and my husband’s locs I just smile! That’s who we are!

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