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A Natural Hair Wedding Story: Alicia B.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
A Natural Hair Wedding Story: Alicia B.

Alicia Brathwaite of Barbados, Caribbean/W.I., writes: 
Like many Natural Brides, I too had a tough time finding a hairstyle that wouldn’t put a lot of stress on my hair, but still looked appropriate and most of all, made me feel extra beautiful on my big day!

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So after much looking but no finding, I decided to go with an old favourite, a twist out. I simply twisted my hair into tiny twists with my shea butter and oil mix, applied a mild setting lotion and set it with curling rods. I then let it dry completely and later took down the twists, rolled it in the back, pinned one side of the front out of my face and left some hair hanging as a slight bang.  My maid-of-honour then assisted me with my veil, comb and fresh roses to complete the look.

I got so many compliments on how beautiful my hair looked and many women were amazed at the versatility of natural hair. I like to think that my choice to stay natural on my Wedding Day somehow inspired some of them to go natural.

We don’t need perms or weaves to be beautiful, God handled that part already.

Stay beautiful, stay blessed!

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