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On the Couch with Alicia- ‘Let’s Do This Dirty Laundry’

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
On the Couch with Alicia- 'Let's Do This Dirty Laundry'
by Alicia James of

Let’s do this dirty laundry, dirty laaaauundry (natural hair version) LOL!

Opening Up
I wanted to really expose some insecurities I have about my natural hair when it comes to shrinkage. It’s not the easiest thing to lay your baggage out on the table, but I feel like my experience may help or inspire someone along the way.

True enough, the journey to natural hair is an amazing experience. It’s one of those things that have truly changed some people’s lives. It’s that thing you want to talk about all day long with your friends and even random strangers at the grocery store.  Especially when they stop you, because of their curiosity, wanting to know how you make your hair do whatever it is doing. You know what I mean!

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Feeling Good
After doing my big chop I felt more confident than I had ever felt my entire life. Even though I must admit my big chop was a part of a transformation I was already making mentally, emotionally, and in all aspects of my life.

Having short hair was not really that shocking to me. I never really had long hair. When I big chopped my transitioning hair had finally reached shoulder length. I had my up and down moments with my new short natural hair. I always joked with my husband that I thought I looked like Michael Jackson with the little mini afro. LOL! It was okay though, I was really intrigued by my new curly hair.

The RollerCoaster Ride
It seems that the challenges started coming once I began to experiment with stretching my natural hair. I will say this happened in my second year when I discovered twist outs, braid outs, etc. It was so exciting to see my hair stretched and how long it had grown! It pretty much became normal for me to stretch. The wash and go became non-existent in my regimen. I loved my curls, but I had fallen even more in love with my new length.

As time passed, I wanted to enjoy my natural curls, but I started to convince myself that it was a complete burden. I could not manage my hair when it was in it’s natural state. The detangling sessions are horrifying, I just didn’t want to deal with it. I had been wearing my hair stretched for so long, I didn’t want to have to learn my hair all over again.

Embracing The Full Experience
Now that I am further along in my journey, I am still enjoying my long hair, but I do have to desire to get more comfortable with managing my hair in it’s natural state. The truth is when you are natural for so long, you get to the point where you want to try new things with your hair. So…It may be crazy, but I have decided to wear wash and gos as much as possible.

I have worn a wash and go for nearly three weeks. Washing in between of course. I realized that the detangling sessions were not so bad after all. The more excited and open I am to the experience the easier it seems to get! I have to admit it is a lot less stress when you let your hair do what it wants to do.I can admit that it is weird when I don’t feel my hair on my back throughout the day, but in the end I feel beautiful and I love it!

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