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5 Ways to Decrease Shrinkage- Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
5 Ways to Decrease Shrinkage- Natural Hair

It happens often, you spend time styling your wet hair for it to eventually shrink up to a shorter length. You may feel frustrated because you want to show off the length that you worked hard for. Shrinkage is normal for curlies, especially those with Type 3 and 4 curls. These tips can reduce shrinkage with hair.

Stretched Hair Styles

Hair styles such as twist outs, braid outs, Bantu knots, and roller sets allow the hair to be stretched. While styling, apply a small amount of hair butter, such as Shea Butter, to hair. The butter will add more weight to the hair by allowing it to hang more. At night, maintain twist outs and braid outs by re-twisting or re-braiding. This will achieve elongated hair.

The Pineapple

The Pineapple Method is an easy way to reduce shrinkage. To achieve the Pineapple, simply put your hair in a high ponytail using a loose hair tie. For better results, use a satin hair scarf. This method protects your curls at night from being smashed. It’s also a great way to achieve second day hair for wash and go’s, twist outs, and braid outs. The Pineapple stretches the roots of the hair and shows length.

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Tension Blow-drying Method

The Tension Blow-drying Method is a quick way to reduce shrinkage. To achieve this method, prep hair and create sections for manageability. To prevent heat damage, apply a heat protection serum before blow drying. Apply heat from blow dryer along the roots while stretching the hair. For smooth results, apply heat throughout the section while using a comb or a brush. The heat with stretch the hair and allow elongation with desired hair style.


Prefer to not use heat? Banding is a method used to reduce shrinkage by using elastic hair ties to stretch hair. After twisting or braiding hair, use a hair tie along the twist or braid. Precious Henshaw, a natural hair blogger, shows how she bands hair to achieve stretched curls.


Henna is a plant that can be used as a hair dye. A reddish-brown color is released during use. Henna can be used as a way to reduce shrinkage in hair, however, shrinkage isn’t visible for all curlies. Frequent use can create less shrinkage in hair.

What do you do to reduce shrinkage? 

CN Says:
I’d add damp styling (allowing your clean, soaking wet hair to air dry a bit prior to adding product), dry styling (like in my header picture) and full fat yogurt pre-poos to the above list.  

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