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I am a true believer that minimal manipulation on my child’s hair is beneficial to keeping her hair healthy which aids in length retention and growth.

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There are several other options for this hairstyle that you can do to make it last for at least 3 days.

Day #1- Wear it as it is in the video for a day or two.
Day#2- Take the bantu knots down and remove the twist and let it hang.
Day#3- Take the ponytails down and make cornrows going straight back. This can be worn for a couple of days.

This hairstyle can easily be worn for a week if you do all of the options listed. People ask me, “How did I get my daughters hair to grow so long?” This is one of my methods. I don’t comb her hair everyday. The less you comb or manipulate the hair, the better. However, I make sure I moisturize her hair with oil even if I don’t comb it that day. She also sleeps in a satin bonnet every night.
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How do you maintain your child’s hair?