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Minimizing Frizz When Wearing a Wash and Go- Natural Hair Tips

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Minimizing Frizz When Wearing a Wash and Go- Natural Hair Tips

by Alicia James of

I enjoy wearing my tight kinky curly hair in a wash and go. I have to admit that pulling off the wash and go was not always a breeze for my hair type. It literally took over half of my journey to start to figure out what method worked best for me. One of the biggest challenges with having kinky curly/coily hair is minimizing the frizz. The frizz can make or break your hairstyle. I don’t mind a little frizz, because it adds personality to the hairstyle, but sometimes it can completely things.

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Here are Five Way I minimize frizz when wearing a wash and go:

Shampoo/Clean Hair
Always start off with clean hair. I co wash throughout the week, but I prefer to shampoo at least 1-2 times during the month. When my hair is thoroughly cleanses my coils are more defined and they seem to bounce into place.

Generous Amount of Conditioner/Deep Conditioning:
Don’t be stingy with the conditioner. Make sure that your hair is nicely conditioned, more moisture equals less frizz. I love to do my hot oil treatments after I shampoo. During my rinse I leave a small amount of the oil in my hair adding a nice shine to my curls and keeping the hair soft, even when I add gel.

Product Application:
It is always important to use a product that is going to add or seal moisture into the hair.
It is also very important that you apply the product thoroughly to the hair. Section the hair into four sections and apply the product to each section. You can massage the product into the section focusing on the ends and going up. Some people like to create smaller sections and shingle, this is an option if you are not short on time. The most important goal is to make sure each strand is covered with product.

Trading in the towel for a t-shirt
If you are someone who likes to speed up your dry time, you may like to use a towel. Throw out the towel and go for an old t shirt. Towels can be a little rough on the hair, causing breakage, split ends, and definitely frizz. T Shirts are softer, gentler and generate less frizz.

Dryer – diffuser
If you are someone who likes to use a blow dryer for your wash and go try the diffuser. The diffuser basically decreases how hard the air is blowing from the blow dryer. This keeps your hair from blowing all over the place. It is known to cause shrinkage for tight kinky curly hair, but it can be great for minimizing frizz during blow drying. If you have a lot of shrinkage after diffusing, you can use the concentrator nozzle (stretching the roots) or put the hair up into a high bun for about 10 minutes to stretch the curls out a little.

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