by Bonnie of The Culture Pine

 Drum roll please…

I would like to announce that I have graduated from a dedicated 2-year long transitioner, to a fully fledged natural 🙂

Woop Woop!!

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After 2 roller-coaster filled years of deep conditioning, finger detangling, protective styles and everything else hair related that I’ve dabbled in during my time transitioning, I have finally parted with what was left of my relaxed ends! There was the tiniest amount left hanging on for dear life, and without batting an eye lid…I made a dash for the scissors. It was the day I had been waiting for – when cutting my hair just felt like the right step to take, with no ‘if’s’ or ‘but’s’ – just a natural progression (excuse the pun!).

I had stretched out my hair using flat irons, and noticed how much healthier and fuller the top part of my hair was, compared to the few wispy, thin bits at the end. It was then I decided to snip them off. I washed my hair to finish off the impulse lead job, but little did I know that there were no relaxed ends left to cut. I was natural and I didn’t even know it! Let me tell you…detangling my hair yesterday was a BREEZE. I couldn’t believe how much easier it was without the two textures – the minimal amount of tangles were a dream.

I have loved transitioning and my hair is in the best condition since forever! The last length check at the 1 year mark was 6 inches, and now I have reached 13 inches. I have met some lovelies through my journey and the support has been overwhelming…


To celebrate my new status, I wanted to share some words of encouragement for my fellow transitioner’s:

  • Yes- your hair really has grown! Those first few months seem to be the slowest when it comes to new growth, but trust me, you will start to see changes soon.
  • YOU know YOUR hair best! There are thousands of people going natural everyday who swear by one product or another, but don’t trick yourself into thinking your hair is ‘bad’ if said product doesn’t work for you. You know (or will get to know) what your hair likes.
  • Work on the outside AND inside! Our diet’s play a significant role on the health of both our hair and skin. Drink lot’s of water, grab lot’s of fruit and veg, fish (I’m convinced Salmon might just be a cheeky little hair growing miracle) and exercise regularly.
  • Treat your hair like it’s already natural! This has been the most useful to me. I have gradually abandoned all the bad habits I had prior to going natural, and incorporated techniques, hairstyles and products that meet the need’s of kinks and curls.
  • Nooo – Don’t Give Up! There will be times when you really don’t have the energy to stand there finger detangling, or twisting every time you wash to avoid a matted mess, and you may not have the patience to deep condition every week. This doesn’t make you the worst transitioner in the world – just a normal one! If skipping a detangling sesh means you won’t hunt down the closest box of relaxer, it’s really not the end of the world….