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The Most Natural & Cost-Effective Hair Method Of All Time: LOVE!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
The Most Natural & Cost-Effective Hair Method Of All Time: LOVE!
by Bonnie of The Culture Pine

Looking back, I remember the low tolerance attitude I had towards the hair on my head, and instead of showering my mane with love and affection; I treated it like the enemy. Patience was lacking when it came to caring for my hair, and who can forget those unwanted moments of spotting that dreaded regrowth?! There was no dedication to achieving great hair over time – just a need for instant gratification with heat styling, poor product choices and simply worrying how my hair looked today rather than the long term effects.

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One day, the wake up call I needed kicked me out of bed and I thought…’would I be rewarding someone who treated me with such disregard? Er..Hell no!’

Over the last two years, I have made it my business to scrap all that mess. In doing so – I have learned love. Love has been the missing ingredient for way too long, and I now dish it out by the bucket load! In return, my hair has shown me the same love back – it’s healthier, easier to maintain and retains length like never before. Loving my hair meant that I implemented the necessary steps to ensure I was doing the best for it. These include:

  • Deep Conditioning weekly
  • Paying attention to the ingredients in products
  • Low heat usage
  • Protecting the ends/Low frequency styling

It’s easy to fall into the habit of hurling all kinds of abusive words at our hair when maybe that bad hair day keeps on occurring so, actively paying attention to your hair’s needs can often combat the issue you are having. Love is a happy, exciting feeling – everything we want to feel when we look at our hair in the mirror each morning. After all…how could you not love natural hair?!

How are you loving your natural hair?

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