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I wanted to cut for a while now, but my mind was set on rockin’ a short assymetrical bob. I changed my mind last month and wanted to just be FREE from doing my hair, detangling, styling, etc.

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This pic above is from June, but still pretty representative of how big my hair was. I wish I had a recent photo of it fully straight. It was buttcrack length. Longest I’ve ever had it.

This is before the cut. It’s not blown out, just my wash n go was combed out.

I went to see my stylist Mike at Studio Mohair and he hooked me up.

Mike in action. He’s SO SERIOUS about cutting!

I wasn’t excited at all….nope…not one bit….

I was really happy with the final product. I’ve never ever had my hair this short in my life!

OK maybe I missed the length just a little bit…..

Totally feelin’ myself on the way home…LOL #shorthairdontcare

Still LOVE my cut, but I want to go a little shorter. I want to have to do absolutely NOTHING to my hair.

Right now, I wash with my husband’s Kirkland shampoo, Condition with Silk Dreams, Moisturize with a pomade from The Pomade Shop and then use Giovanni Direct Leave In on top for a lil hold on those curls.

It takes me not even 5 minutes to style my hair. This is amaaaazing to me.

Video of the cut!
I just did this vid, my hair is 2 days old and slept on (with no scarf! *gasp!*):