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Frustrated with Your Natural Hair?- Let’s Get Through it Together!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Frustrated with Your Natural Hair?- Let's Get Through it Together!

by Jess of

So this past Thursday night, I came home at 8:30, made something to eat real quick, and then went straight to the bathroom to start doing my hair. I knew that Friday was going to be super busy and my boyfriend’s play was at night, so of course I wanted my hair to look good!  So I planned to do two-strand twists and then curl them with flexi rods. I spent an hour detangling and styling my hair with about 12 rods and then went on with my night. The next day I woke up and my hair did not come out how I expected AT ALL! I think I didn’t wet them enough or something. And granted—this was only my second time doing them so I really had no business trying them when I knew I had a big day the next day, but that’s besides the point! Lol. I was soo frustrated because I was thinking, “What am I going to do now!? I can’t wash it because I don’t like ‘1 day hair’ (too flat).  I can’t do them over because I won’t have enough time for them to dry.

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I don’t wanna do a bun because the bun wouldn’t be big enough. And I really don’t have time to do ANYTHING to it because today is so busy!” I’m sure all of y’all can relate! So I ended up just washing the stubborn thing, and thankfully my hair came out pretty decent. It was humid out so it ‘grew’ (that’s what I call it, my hair grows, lol) pretty full and I was happy with it. EXCEPT one side of my hair looked way better than the other -__-. Because when I was cleaning my bathtub, the shower-head was on and I leaned my head in and one side of my hair got wet while my wash ’n go was drying! (You CANNOT disturb the hair during the drying process! Not touching, wetting, moving, nothing!). Ugh—it was just one of them [hair] days *Monica voice*. Oh! And of course any other day when I have nothing else to do and I’m just going to Walmart, my curls are poppin, lol.

I say all this to show that YES, sometimes I think I hate my hair. YES sometimes I wish I simply just straightened my hair all the time and didn’t care about heat damage. Yes I get impatient. I can’t just get up out of my bed at 10 o’ clock at night when I have flexi rods in my head when my girls randomly decide to go see a movie. My arms get tired after 20 minutes of detangling. I have to plan my hairstyles a few days ahead. And ultimately, my hair has a mind of its own! BUT God! Lol jk—only Church folks would get that haha! BUT really–at the end of the day I wouldn’t trade all the frustrations and hard work of being natural for anything! A different texture, a relaxer, heat damage, none of that. Our hair is our crown, and so if this is what it takes, it is worth it! Despite everything I mentioned, I truly do love my hair. It is a part of me! It’s how God made me. So why change it if it’s naturally how I was made? I wouldn’t be me without it. Plus, there are TONS of pros that outweigh the cons of being natural. But of course it is always easier to focus on the negative sometimes. I know a lot of naturals can relate to these feelings, but I hope it encourages you by knowing you are not alone!!! We all go through it, and all you can do is laugh and learn how to just accept it! These things just come with the territory and there is nothing we can do about it! So learn how to LET GO and not be so uptight when your hair doesn’t come out how you want it or you feel like slapping that relaxer back on. It takes time. I’m still learning after 6 years lol but I’m getting there .

If you are not natural yet and are thinking about going natural—I hope this doesn’t scare you away! It is the truth though, so when you feel like giving up and going back to that relaxer or flat iron—remember that you are not the only one feeling that way but it is WORTH IT! I would never think twice about going back!

Can you relate?! Share your story below!

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