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Hair Psychology: The Natural Hair Movement

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Hair Psychology: The Natural Hair Movement

by Amber Williams of The Psychology of Style

Ever sat at a table with a bunch of naturalistas? I’m talking heads full of coconut-coated twists, colorful coils, bantus, braids, dreadlocks and frohawks (my signature)? If you have, then you know that dinnertime conversation can easily turn into a collective dissertation on hair products, chemistry, dating, self-esteem, sleep rituals, and even child-rearing – all centered around natural hair. I recently sat down with six curly girls over dinner and experienced the extent of such conversation. I felt part of a curly coalition – a group of women, who, without having to say anything, instantly understood at least part of each other’s lives. I grinned, pleased and pleasantly surprised with this newfound confidence in our raw beauty.

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This confidence represents a shift. A cultural one. One otherwise known as the Natural Hair Movement. Natural hair is becoming more mainstream, understood, accepted, and … I’ll say it … envied. The natural hair movement is infiltrating not only dinnertime conversations, but the beauty, fashion, entertainment and publishing industries, politics, advertising and even corporate America.
A silent sisterhood (and brotherhood) exists among those who have embraced their own textures. And while some may think it’s just about hair – it’s not. It’s rooted deep in matters of self-image and bias societal standards. The movement is more of a refined rebellion – a blossoming of undervalued beauty, even.

Our message?

The natural hair movement is here to stay, and we dare you to call it anything … but … beautiful.

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