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Your Natural Hair Is Beautiful.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Your Natural Hair Is Beautiful.

by Winnie of Three Naturals

It’s another typical day and I just got home from work, changed into house clothes, threw my hair back in one to make something to eat when I realized I needed something from the grocery store. Like most of us, not being concerned with my appearance I threw on some sneakers, jumped in my car and headed to the store.

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While standing in line to pay for my item an older East Indian man tapped me on the shoulder and said “your hair is beautiful.” Surprised by the unexpected compliment I turned and graciously smiled saying “thank you very much”. I thought to myself my hair is not styled, in fact it was a twist out that was days old …so what did he see?

Just a few weeks earlier while visiting my sister, her neighbour who happens to be European noticed me getting out of my car and said “your hair is amazing!” as I recall the day was humid and my hair was in my opinion more wild than amazing.

Days after that occurrence my South American work colleague said “I really love your hair, what do I need to do to get that hair on my head?” In my response, I shared how just a few years ago I use to chemically relax my hair to get it straight. I proceeded to show him my work ID that still has a picture of me with relaxed hair. In a strong adamant tone he insisted I get a new picture taken and discard the old card.

Can you imagine, on three separate occasions, three separate individuals from three different cultural backgrounds none of which are my own, found my hair beautiful, amazing, and lovely. My hair?, my natural hair?, just the way it grows out of my head the way God intended it to be? As I write this I think to myself I never got those compliments with relaxed hair.

Anyway, it’s funny how different cultures can see the beauty in our hair and appreciate it for everything God made it to be, while sometimes we still haven’t embraced the reality that our hair is beautiful. When we embrace ourselves we will find that others will embrace us too. No other race has hair like us, we truly are unique and there is beauty in our uniqueness.

Remember you are beautiful and so is your hair !

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