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4 Products Which Promote Growth in Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
4 Products Which Promote Growth in Natural Hair

Q: Hi! I love your blog! I just wanted to know what hair products you use for hair growth! Please note that I am an accounting undergraduate who is on a tight budget! Please help! God bless :- ) -Samantha

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A: Hey girl! You are in luck! The product I use is FREE and definitely within your budget — it’s called PATIENCE lol. In all seriousness, I don’t use anything special. In my regimen you’d find that I emphasize moisture in every step. This is quite important since moisturized hair is less likely to break when manipulated, and I do so gently.

I also do not comb my hair often either. I wear my hair in protective styles regularly.

4 Products Which Promote Growth in Natural Hair

Any given wash day ends with my hair twisted into two-strand twists and those twists remain for at least a week and are worn in a bun. When my twists get to the point where they are on their last (usually 6-8 days), I re-moisturize, roll the ends with perming rods overnight, and twist it out the next day. I wear that twist-out for as long as it can last (usually 6-10 days). If my hair begins to loose definition, I re-moisturize using the LOC method. With my fingers only, I detangle and re-braid or twist my hair into larger sections.

4 Products Which Promote Growth in Natural Hair

I encourage you to also reduce the manipulation of your hair and make sure your moisture levels are adequate. If you are adamant about products which encourage growth, I’ve heard of a few:

Viviscal  Treats temporary hair loss and thinning hair. Results will be noticeable after 6-8 weeks, with full results noticeable after 6 months. This is not an overnight solution, but maintaining the regimen will lead to fantastic results

Jamaican Black Castor Oil  Diluted with another oil or by itself, castor oil can be used for scalp massages. The increased blood flow to the scalp paired with the additional ash content, due to the roasting of the beans, have lead to studies of JBCO being effective in hair growth.

Camille Rose Ultimate Hair Growth Serum Helps promote thick and healthy hair. Repairs hair loss due to thinning, breakage and damage. Maintains moisture in hair and scalp. Improves blood circulation by conditioning the scalp. Opens blocked hair follicles. Helps restore lost hair, healthy growth and natural color.

Biotin Promoting healthy hair and skin, biotin also helps with hair growth and dryness, as it increases elasticity in the core of strands preventing breakage.

What advice do you have to offer Samantha?

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