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Homemade Natural Hair Styling Cream- An Alternative to Flaxseed Gel

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Homemade Natural Hair Styling Cream- An Alternative to Flaxseed Gel

via NaturallyCurly

Years of curly expertise have taught us that there is no universal curly hair product. What works for your Type 3c, fine, porous hair won’t necessarily work for the next Type 3c, fine, porous curly girl.
There are so many factors that make your curls unique! So while many curlies wax poetic about the wonders of flaxseed gel, it just doesn’t work for others.

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When NaturallyCurly user madalemon read The Curly Girl Handbook she decided to give flaxseed gel a try, but she didn’t like the look or feel that it gave to her hair.

“I experimented and came up with this styling cream. It leaves my hair shiny, soft, defined, and frizz free. I love it! It also doesn’t expire like flax seed gel, which is great! This makes a rather small batch, about 1/2 to 1 cup.” Thank you madalemon for your recipe!

What You’ll Need:
-6 tbsp of your favorite moisturizing conditioner
-12 tbsp aloe vera gel
-2 pinches cinnamon
-1/2 tea spoon of your favorite oil (I use EVOO)
-2 tea spoons blue agave nectar
-Your favorite essential oils (I used tea tree and jasmine)


Mix all ingredients until the consistency is lighter than a gel but slightly thicker than your average styling cream. Store in a jar or tub for later use.

About the Ingredients:

  • Conditioner adds moisture and works as a nice base for the product
  • Aloe vera gel seals moisture, adds hold, defines, strengthens damaged hair and fights frizz
  • Cinnamon prevents breakage, reduces fallout, adds a pleasant scent
  • Essential oils moisturize and strengthen hair
  • Agave nectar adds light hold, prevents frizz, moisturizes, strengthens and adds shine

CN Says:
For mold prevention, I’d still store the unused portion in the fridge! I’ve used a similar concoction with amazingly fluffy, soft (yet defined!) results! Have fun! 

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