My name is Shirel I am a performer, wife and mother.  I have been natural for a year and five months 🙂

After giving birth to my daughter I started to consider going natural. I made a comment one day to my husband about wanting our baby to keep chemical straighteners out of her hair and he responded with “Well, she is probably going to want to look like you.” That was the moment I made a real conscious decision to lead by example in all aspects of my life.

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My last relaxer was in March 2012 and in June 2012 I had enough of transitioning. I was trying to get cute because it was my daughter’s first birthday and my hair looked a mess! That was the day I big chopped with trifling dollar store scissors (my husband bought those when I asked him to go buy sheers) and then hubs shaved the rest off with clippers.

The most memorable part was/is seeing myself. It is amazing how much hair changes self-image. I had a relaxer for most of my life and I truly didn’t know what my hair looked or felt like. When my daughter plays in my hair that is the most special moment because she gets all of me which is so much apart of who she is right now. I also feel tremendously more confident in my abilities. The most difficult was trying to get those head ties right! dag… all I wanted was to cover up my T.W.MESS!

Most memorable reaction came from a good friend of mine who has the most beautiful, naturally straight, long, thick auburn hair. We talk on Skype at least once bi-weekly because of the distance 🙁 When I spoke to her two days ago, my hair out from a 4 day old twist out and she said “damn your hair is so sexy” I remember stalking You-Tubers and pictures on google thinking the same thing about other women. I was so very flattered and felt like I made it in life!

At what point in your natural hair journey did you feel like, ‘Momma, I made it!’

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