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“Why I’m Never Growing to Hip Length Again”

By January 27th, 2021One Comment
"Why I'm Never Growing to Hip Length Again"
By Danielle Faust of

I’ve been reveling in my low-maintenance short cut so much so that I’ve chopped it even shorter! Everyone’s asking if I plan on growing to donate again and if I’ll try to get back to hip length again and my answer is yes, I’ll donate, but I will NEVER go back to hip length natural hair. And here’s why:

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Saving Money & Space!
I was spending way too much on products and even though I was getting a lot gifted, it was still taking up a lot of space in the house. It takes a helluva lot of deep conditioner to take care of hip length natural hair. Now I use so little product with each wash, or style. I am very slowly using up what I have, and will use most of it up before buying more to clutter up our bathroom (and closets) again.

Dreading Maintenance!
I honestly was beginning to dread washing/detangling/airdrying/straightening. It just took far too much effort. I don’t have the muscle stamina in my arms to hold my arms up to do the marathon straightening sessions required for that length of hair. The multi-step, multi-section hair care was starting to be too much of a hassle as well. However, I knew if I didn’t do it, I’d have to spend even more effort on detangling. So much work!

Saving Time!
In the same vein as the reason above, I also was beginning to dread the time commitment. I was “hair-lazy” and often pulled it back into a ponytail or bun to be fast on the go. Even with my short and sweet regimen, the length of hair just required more time. My regimen is the same now, but there’s a huge time difference between washing/dcing/detangling/moisturizing/oiling/styling hair that is an inch or two long versus hip length. Don’t even get me started on the air drying time!

I Can Still Donate!
My intentions with growing to hip length was that I’d only cut away 12 inches and keep my hair around shoulder length or arm pit length afterward. I ended up getting a fade instead and donating a much longer length. I will donate in the future, but I won’t need to grow to hip length to do so. Once I hit waist length I have enough to donate, and will just get another faded cut or some other short do.

What’s the shortest/longest you’d go?

Will you ever donate your hair?
Danielle Faust is a wellness coach and blogger in the NYC area. She writes candidly on motherhood, life, and natural hair on and is the founding editor of a wellness site for women launching January 2014.

One Comment

  • Anonymous says:

    Whoa I didn't know long hair was such a hassle to maintain! I still want it though and I'll put in the extra time. I'm a recovering product junkie so I've got plenty of products to go along.
    I've found that I seem to actually use less product as my hair has gotten longer and thicker…then again I use to saturate my hair thinking it'd help grow my hair faster.

    I personally wouldn't donate my hair. It's too much of an investment and I'd like to keep it.

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