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7 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
7 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair
by Tiffany Nicole of

Many women struggle with the decision to take the leap into returning to natural hair. Lots of us have never really seen our natural hair because we were introduced to relaxers at a very young age. Within the last few years, I’ve seen many women that are coming together and embracing their natural God given tresses. Once you’ve taken the leap of faith you will find that there will be times along the way when you may feel discouraged and others where you may feel empowered. It’s all apart of the journey. Here are 7 Tips on Transitioning to Natural Hair.

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1. Treat Your Hair Like It’s Already Natural
Treating your hair as if it is already natural can be quite helpful to the whole process. When you do this, you are training your hair and getting it accustom to the changes that are taking place.

2. Keep Your Hair Moisturized
Hair that is brittle will break. When you’re transistioning, one half of the hair strand is curly and the other half is straight. Where the hair meets is the most fragile part of the hair. Keeping your hair moisturized will help keep your hair from feeling dry and brittle, and aid your hair in it’s transition.

3. Utilize Protective Styles
Protective styling is so helpful in transitioning to natural hair. Whether through using methods such as sew-ins, braids, twists, wigs or hair styles like buns, french rolls and several other updo styles — they are all very helpful as long as the hair is not being stressed (micro-braids, wig combs etc.) Low manipulation causes the hair to grow without stress…so keep that in mind when styling.

4. Limit Heat Usage
Heat overall can bring stress to the hair whether natural, relaxed or in between. Avoiding heat all together would be ideal, but many transitioners can not stand the sight of two textures fighting for attention. And because it’s harder to get the relaxed hair to look natural, lots of transitioners turn to strengthening their transitioning hair to blend the mix match textures. What ever your preference, just be sure to use a great heat protectant that will help keep your hair from becoming dry or from breaking and accruing heat damage.

5. Tender Love & Care
Natural hair may appear to be really strong because most naturals have super thick hair, however, kinky curly hair is actually very fragile, so imagine hair that is transitioning. Be gentile with your hair. Stay away from detangling dry hair, excessive heat, combing and brushing.

6. Product Choices
Find a great leave-in conditioner, natural hair oil, deep conditioner and cleanser. For protective styling, a strong holding pomade will be helpful to smooth edges and to give you slick pony tails and high buns without having to pull the hair tight.

7. Gradually Trim Your Ends
When gradually cutting your ends as you go, you’ll discover that you are getting closer and closer to becoming 100% natural. It also helps to cut away split ends that may drive up the hair shaft causing breakage. It’s important even after you become fully natural.

Hope these tips help! Happy transition!

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