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Ebony’s Length Secrets- Natural Hair Care!

By January 27th, 2021One Comment

Ebony's Length Secrets- Natural Hair Care!

by KalaG

 Ebony Clark, also known as EClark6, is one of the most inspiring naturalistas on the Net! As a long-time follower and admirer I was super duper excited–giddy, really–to interview her! Her natural hair journey is definitely a source of inspiration for literally thousands of women and her humble spirit is so welcoming you can’t help but to love her! Take a look at how personal her hair journey was to her and how important positive energy is to her success.

1. Introduce yourself!
My name is Ebony, and live in Norcross, GA! I’m a writer, an artist, super nerd, chronic researcher, I’m blown away by God’s creations, and I adore animals.

2. How long have you been natural?
When I was a sophomore in college (1998), I met a freshmen that had already been wearing her hair natural for about a year. Her strength and pride in her hair lit a flame within me! It made me wonder why I was still getting touch ups! I started to become cognizant of women of other races and the role their hair played in their lives. It made me wonder why black women, in general, were so enslaved by relaxers.

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It took me about a year or two to actually cut my hair, but I did it with only 3-4 months of new growth. I LOVED it!…It was that dreaded “in between” phase that brought it all to a halt. It wasn’t long and it wasn’t short and cute anymore, so I relaxed it again. I immediately regretted it!

Fast forward to 2005…There was a shift in my spiritual walk, which made me want to show God how much I appreciated His creation, as is! So, in March 2005, I decided that I wasn’t relaxing my hair anymore. It was apart of my journey to becoming more organic, as a person, overall.
After a year of transitioning, I wore curly styles such as rods, roller sets, twist outs, etc. to keep my hair from breaking and to keep my sanity! With time, it became harder to deal with the two textures, so I knew I couldn’t go longer than a year.

When the time came to cut it, I cried like a baby! I have no idea why because the first time I big chopped, my hair was much shorter and I didn’t shed a tear. That year put me right back at the in between phase that I ran from the first time! Ironic, isn’t it?

Ebony's Length Secrets- Natural Hair Care!

3. What’s your daily hair routine?
In the morning, I unwrap it, moisturize, and go.

4. What are your favorite products?
My favorite products vary, but the basics are anything by Qhemet Biologics, Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk, Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-In, Koils by Nature Shealoe Leave-In, and Giovanni’s Direct Leave-In.

5. What’s your nighttime routine?
If I’m wearing a wash n go, I put my hair in a pineapple. If I’m wearing two strand twists, or a protective style, I add moisturizer to my ends and wrap my hair with a satin scarf. With a twist out I moisturize my ends, add jumbo twists, and then wrap.

6. How did you get your hair color and how do you maintain it?
I have a little cosmetology experience, so I added a few highlights around my face. I amp up the hydration! I sit under my steamer every week, instead of every two weeks now. Also I deep condition more often as well.

7. Do you ever get tired of curly hair?
I do get bored with my curls…most of the time! I think it’s just because my hair is longer and heavier now, and my curls don’t fall the same. They’re not as springy as they were when my hair was shorter. That’s why I keep my hair in twists or twist outs, and there’s that once a year period when I flat iron it.

Ebony's Length Secrets- Natural Hair Care!

8. On your Instagram you inspire women and teach them to be patient when it comes to hair growth. What are some of your most cherished lessons learned on your hair journey so far?
I’ve learned that no matter what works for someone else, you must learn what works for you and your hair! Patience is the main ingredient in everything.

9. When did you start blogging?
I became involved with social media around 2005 or 2006, I believe. It’s starting to be a blur! LOL! My first experience was having a fotki album!

10. How did you become a successful blogger?
I’ve never thought of myself as a “successful” blogger/vlogger! I especially don’t really think I’m a guru! I’ll just say I try to remain true to myself through and through! Also, I take the time to deposit positivity in others’ lives whenever there’s an opportunity.

Ebony's Length Secrets- Natural Hair Care!

11. What do you like most about blogging/vlogging?
I love inspiring people, and helping them along their journeys—whichever journey that may be!

12. What do you want to do beyond YouTube?
I want to be a spokesperson for one of my favorite hair care or skin care brands, write children’s books, and be an inventor of extraordinary things!

13. Do you have any advice for new natural hair bloggers?
When I started blogging/vlogging, I didn’t really have any expectations. It was just an outlet for me, but I also wanted to inspire and encourage others just by being myself. If I had to give anyone advice I’d say, be yourself, be respectful, and don’t say anything to anyone that you’d be ashamed for your mother to read or watch. Also, please realize that not everyone will be nice, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give them your energy! Most importantly, always strive to be the highest and best version of yourself.

14. Any upcoming projects/events you’d like to tell us about?
I’m re-launching my blog early this year! To receive a notification of when it launches, sign up at!

Get more coily inspiration from Ebony on Instagram & YouTube, both @EClark6

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