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Happy New Year: Natural Hair Resolutions!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Happy New Year: Natural Hair Resolutions!

by Bonnie of

Happy New Year Beautifulss!!

My, what a year 2013 was – blessings enough for a decade! After coming down from the highs of seeing in the new year and feeding hungry tummy’s for our first Christmas, I am ever thankful for God’s grace for reaching such major milestones, and welcome 2014 (and all the adventures it brings) with open arms 🙂

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Over the last couple of years I seemed to have abandoned any resolution making, until a friend challenged me on it. I’m one of those people that decide on change when change is ready; so making this and that resolution seems so clichĂ© to me!

I did however decide to make some less serious hair resolutions instead. Welp…here we go!

Stress Free Curls
Sometimes I stress so much about my twist out not being defined enough, or thinking all hell will break loose if I don’t deep condition this week. Let it go. Breath. Just love my hair for what it is!

Curb Product Junkism
The number of products I made up so much noise to purchase that end up on the back of the bathroom shelf is unreal. Self control? Will power? I WILL get to know you this year.

Henna Crazy
I LOVE the reddy tones henna adds to my hair but I have adopted a ‘aintnobodygottimefordat’ attitude to getting henna’d up. I will definitely try to up my Henna game this year!

Keep My Hands Out of Baby Boy’s Curls

Happy New Year: Natural Hair Resolutions!

I just can’t help but play in that beautiful head of hair!

What are your resolutions?!

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