The videos were submitted and the competition… fierce. Below you’ll find the Spring 2014 recipients of the CurlyNikki Curly Caregivers Book Scholarship presented by Qhemet Biolgics.

Congratulations to the Scholars and thanks to all that participated. There will be another round soon, so stay tuned!
Meet the Scholars- 

Janee V. Nesbitt is a renaissance lady.  She is a 3rd year Mental Health Counseling graduate student at Long Island University.  She divides her time between school work, internship hours, pinterest recipes, the latest nail polish trends, Shonda Rhimes, reading and doing her hair– this is all done while Olivia Poping a glass of wine and she’s not ashamed of it.

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Artesia Franklin is a 28-year-old, 9 years natural, curly-caregiver-in-training.  After 6 years in the working world, she has found her way back into the psychology classroom and is loving every moment of it. She says, “It feels wonderful to continue the journey to fulfilling my goals, and I look forward to my future of giving back as much as or more than what has been given to me.”  She is in her first of five years at Mercer University School of Medicine.  She is pursing a PhD in Clinical Medical Psychology.

Haillee Mason is originally from “the sticks of Fuquay Varina, North Carolina”, a town with “less people than the number of undergraduate students at Florida International!”  She continues, “I’m a country girl with a city heart and attend school in the heart of Miami, Florida. I have dreams and not the ones that require sleeping. I believe that I can and will become anything I put my heart into with the help of God, hard work, my mom, and the Curly Caregivers Book Scholarship won’t hurt!”  She is an International Relations major.

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