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Curly Nikki

Lauren Brown is Naturally Glam!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Lauren Brown is Naturally Glam!

Were you a
slow transitioner or a Big Chopper & why?

I went
through six years of my life with relaxed hair and constantly 
being judged
about what everyone else thought about my hair and 
myself last. Once I graduated high school in 2011, I looked in 
the mirror
and realized that I wanted a change and I wanted to do it 
for me and
no one else. So I took a pair of scissors and chopped away 
until I had
such a low afro that I could barely grab it. I felt so 
carefree, and so proud of myself, and that is when my natural 


Lauren Brown is Naturally Glam!

Had you
always embraced your texture?

I have
always loved and embraced my curly texture. My hair is more 3c 
all around
and a little 3b on top. My hair grows fast and loves 
moisture. I
always have to layer on products so that my hair is 
sealed and moisturized.

Lauren Brown is Naturally Glam!

How did
friends and family react to your decision to go natural? How 
did they
react to the new you? What was your response to them?
No one was
supportive of my decision to start over and chop off my 
originally except for my grandmother and my aunt. I have always 
had long
hair so everyone was shocked and kept wanting me to buy wigs 
and weaves
to cover my head. I really prayed to Jesus to give me 
strength to
except and love every part of how I was created when He 
created me.
Over time I stopped caring about the opinions of others 
and once I
learned to embrace myself, I began to glow from the outside 
and shined
with such confidence that people actually loved my look and 
kept asking
what I did to achieve it. My response to them from the 
beginning of
my natural journey to now has always been,”This is who I 
am, and I am
so happy.”
Lauren Brown is Naturally Glam!

your hair (fine or coarse, thin or thick, highly porous, low, etc.)
My hair is
thick, somewhat fine, and loves lots of moisture. The 
level is on point. It’s soft all around and has a looser 
pattern in the front and a tighter pattern in the back.

Lauren Brown is Naturally Glam!

What is your
current hair routine? How often do you wash, condition, and style?
I try to
wash my hair at least once a week. I began by using coconut 
oil as my
pre poo to help my hair absorb more. Then I shampoo with 
sulfate free
shampoo like Shea Moisture’s thickening product. Then I 
with Bed Head’s Moisture Maniac Conditioner (which I 
love)  I keep it on for at least ten minutes then rinse. I 
then use a
microfiber towel to help dry and section into four parts 
after which
I begin using my leave in which is Shea Moisture’s Curl 
Smoothie, then the Curl and Style Milk. Once that is in my 
hair I seal
with Argan Oil and begin to braid each section tightly so
that once
it’s dry it’s stretched. Once dry, unbraid, fluff and roll. 
I use hair
polish to slick down my edges and PRESTO! There it is!
How do you
maintain your hair at night?
I first
pineapple my hair, then once I wake up, I put my hair in a low 
bun for at
least five minutes to even out the length.
Lauren Brown is Naturally Glam!

How do you
maintain healthy length?
I try to
dedicate most of my hair time to my ends. I put oil of them 
morning and every night. Ends are the most important, especially 
when hair
gets long enough to rub against clothes and different
What’s the
best thing about being curly?
The best
part about being a curly girl to me is the confidence I
exude. I
love how I feel and how it shows through my style and overall
I also love the versatility and just knowing that no one
has my hair but
me is the best feeling of all.
Lauren Brown is Naturally Glam!

Where can
folks find you on the web?
Twitter: @curlylaurenj

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