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How to Add Volume to Fine, Low Density Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021One Comment
How to Add Volume to Fine, Low Density Natural Hair

These tips create such a great illusion of natural volume that people often ask me how do I fit all of my hair under a hat when in reality, my hair can easily all fit into the tiniest elastic band tied multiple times! I hope you found these tips helpful for the fine hair, wavy and loosely curled ladies!

Creating volume

  1. Use water-based styling products. They are much lighter on your hair and less likely to weight it down. Here are some suggestions:Giovanni Direct Leave In Weightless Moisture Conditioner, Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel, Kinky-Curly Knot Today, or Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Weightless Styling Mousse.
  2. Invest in some afro picks: one for home, one for the office, one for the car, and one for your purse. This is your best tool for volume!
  3. Consider getting bangs if your hair is very fine and less curly on the top of your head. Curly bangs give an instant lift to your curls, the shorter the hair, the more it tends to curl, so having bangs adds extra volume on top.
  4. Use small claw clamps at the roots of your hair while drying your hair.
  5. If you prefer to diffuse your hair to air-drying, do most of it with your head facing downward. Focus the dryer toward the back of your hair to create volume and follow up with your afro pick to add volume to the top.
More Tips
  • Opting for darker colors is a great option to give your hair a thicker appearance. Also consider dimensional color such as balayage; this will give the illusion of more layers to your curls for a fuller look throughout.
  • If you’re really insecure about wearing your fine/thin curls loose, look into curly clip-in extensions to add your desired fullness!
  • Sleep on a satin pillowcase with your hair in a pineapple (a ponytail at the very front of your head), but secure the elastic band very loosely. You also have the option of sleeping with you hair out depending on your texture.
  • Cut your hair in layers. This is especially important for ladies with fine curls, as it instantly adds more dimension and volume to your hair.
  • Make sure your hairstylist understands your hair type. Curly hair is very unique! If your hairstylist doesn’t have experience working with curly hair, shop around! I’ve heard stories of girls with fine curly hair having their hair thinned out by hairstylists.

For a visual, check out the tutorial below.

How do you create volume on your fine natural hair? 

One Comment

  • AnonyMe says:

    Can you talk more about using claw clips?

    Ate they tge super mini ones?

    How many zhould I use, and where should I plzce them?

    Do yoi clip thim standing up, or laying flat.

    I have fine low density 2b/3b caucasian hair.

    I have a DIY shag.

    My bangs lay flat against my head I metal toot clips leave wonky curls.

    It would be great if you could do a YouTube demo on this technique and give tips for all ethnicities.

    I subscribe to your YouTube


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