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How To Introduce Yourself and Be Remembered

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How To Introduce Yourself and Be Remembered
By GG Renee of AllTheManyLayers
At some point you decide, this is who I am and this is what I love. Once you own it, then you’re free.

When is the last time you told someone who you really are?

Not simply your name and occupation, but who you are in the world on your own terms, according to what is important to you. What do you do that sets you apart and why do you do it? What’s your highest vision of yourself? Have you told the world yet?

I can hear you already:

“I can’t go around telling so much about myself to just anyone. No one would care, plus people would think I was being obnoxious. Worse yet, what if I say ‘I’m the next American Idol’ and then I don’t become the next American Idol? I can’t put myself out there like that.”

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I have the same thoughts sometimes, but I’ve learned to ignore them because they pull me down. It’s that simple. If a thought comes up that doesn’t make me feel strong, I ignore it. I want to be a certain kind of woman, you know? Passionate. Unique. Brave. Memorable. In order to do that, I focus on the thoughts and feelings that I want to manifest.

To inspire and be remembered, you have to connect on an emotional level. Most of us weren’t taught this way. We were taught to try to impress on a surface level and avoid being judged. I’ve always led introductions with my status as a student or employee or my role in my family. There’s nothing wrong with those things as long as you are leading with what you want to attract.

Who says we have to provide safe, predictable answers when people ask us who we are and what we do?

My new lifestyle is teaching me that opportunities and miracles are everywhere hiding in plain sight, and one way to show that we are open to receiving them is to allow ourselves to be seen.

What if you decide right here and now, that you are going to stop introducing yourself as your representative? The one who works at the bank or stays home with the kids and secretly dreams of stepping out of the box. What if you introduce yourself as the woman you are becoming? What do you want to attract? If you want to become a speaker and find opportunities, inspiring teenage girls, tell people about that. Whatever it is you want more of in your life, talk about it, share it. Don’t be ashamed to put this energy out in the world. By doing so, you are telling the universe that you are ready to receive the blessings that will take you to your next level.


Try this the next time someone asks you who you are or what you do.

1. Say who you are according to what you want to attract. Answer boldly. Bravely state who you are in your most idealistic vision of yourself. Be aspirational. Think of the version of yourself that you are working toward, the certain kind of woman that you want to be. Channel this woman and sound more confident than you feel.


My name is GG and I create content to inspire women. I have a blog, I write books, I coach women and I speak at events.

2. Let your brave statement lead into more about what you do and what you believe. What drives you? What do you want to create or change in the world? Differentiate yourself. Maybe you work at a car dealership, but you spend all your free time volunteering or painting or traveling. Lead with your passions. Dare to show your layers.


I worked in finance for 12 years, but recently I quit my job so I could do work that I love. Everything I create is about helping women find purpose in their lives and embrace all their layers.

3. Find a real, human connection. You’ve shared who you are and what you do, now bring it all together with the big picture of what you’re all about. Attempt to share something meaningful. Be memorable because of your sincerity and self-possession.


Ultimately, I encourage women to live creatively and stop hiding what they think is wrong with them. Fully expressed women feel compelled to share their gifts and I believe the world needs our gifts.


Everyone won’t love it. Some will feel threatened or intimidated. I can hear you already:

“I am selective about who I open up to. If I sense that someone will not respect my energy, I choose to preserve it and stay to myself. So should I really introduce myself this way to everyone I meet?”

To some extent, yes. Depending on your audience, there will be times that you go deeper than others. This can only be developed through practice. The question that comes up the most in Blog and Bloom is, “How do I set myself apart?” The answer to that question is BE AUTHENTIC. Show how you are different. Ignore the doubt in your head and shamelessly give yourself permission to say, feel and do what feels real for you. Practice every chance you get. This is how you start to shift your mindset, live intentionally and find more meaning in your life. Express who you are, your way.


Now you try!
Using my sample answers above as a guide, answer the following questions in the comments below. Be direct and concise.
Who are you?

What do you do and how do you do it?

What are you really all about?

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