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Curly Nikki

My Top 4 Favorite Conditioners

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
My Top 4 Favorite Conditioners

Hola Chicas!

The move to D.C. came with a completely stocked and (fabulously) appointed loft, so we had to pack really, really, ridiculously light.  I loathe clutter so gifting things, selling ish and tossing stuff brought me  great pleasure.  It was all fun and games until it came time to consolidate and pack my bathroom.

I can’t lie. I stay at Target gettin‘ it in and spendin‘ them spends.

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I had so many products that I would research and run out to purchase ‘the latest and greatest’, only to realize that it had been gifted to me... months ago… and in some cases, had been opened, and used.  That’s stupid. At any rate, if moving light didn’t teach me anything else, I identified the realest products.  Over the next week, I’ll share lists of what made the trip from Happy Vally to D.C. (by product type)  These are products I use on the regular and keep stocked. Like, always.

*My Top 4*

Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa- This is the ultimate conditioner because it can be used as a rinse-out/instant, deep treatment or leave-in conditioner.  I’ve been using TJ’s Nourish Spa for nearly a decade and now, it’s my staple detangling condish for Boogs as well.  The slip is cray and at only $3.00 for 17 ounces you really can use #AllTheConditioner.  Also, if you care about this sort of thing, they recently removed the parabens!  #NowWithoutCarcinogens
The linked one appears to be the original formulation.  For that new-new, head to your local brick&mortar TJ store. 
My Top 4 Favorite Conditioners
new ingredients

Aubree Organics GPBPowerhouse. It’s a moisturizing + protein conditioner and a rinse-out + deep treatment, all in one!  The slip is glorious and I’m always left with luxuriously soft yet strong, shiny curls.  I use it at nearly every wash and use it on Gia every other wash.  I’ve gotten wind of a reformulation but I have yet to buy it or try it.

FUBU’s Co-Wash & Deep Conditioner–  I was gifted this product 4 months ago and have been using it ever since.  I was surprised that (1) they were in the game and (2) they actually did some market research!  I like the leave-in, but I’m here for the co-wash/deep conditioner.  It’s very rich, ridiculously, like bust-yo-head-to-the-white-meat-if-any-gets-on-the-shower-floor slippery, and smells good.  I use it to deep treat and as an instant conditioner.  Lately, it’s been my go-to pre-poo coupled with coconut oil.  I believe it’s only available at Walgreens right now.  The ingredients are pretty decent, the price is aiight and the jar is huge.  So yeah. Don’t sleep on it.

My Top 4 Favorite Conditioners
couldn’t find an ingredient list on the internets… hope you can see this.

Aussie MoistY’all know what it is.  #KittiesTitties

Next up, leave-ins and stylers!

Later Gators,

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